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I saw doc. He said all looked okay..thyroid, liver and kidney function etc. B12 was still on the low side, he said.

I asked him what my folate test result was and he said, "Oh, it's not here. Thought we had requested one....I shall ask for another B12 and that as well."

I told him about my recurring mouth ulcers(not had them for years) and the exhaustion I felt , even after having slept for nine hours the night before..about the tingling in my elbows and down my arms and the general weakness etc. He said a low folate and low B12 might be the reason for mouth ulcers and some other symptoms..... but he must be connecting the dots because I had the blood test there and then and was given a follow up appointment to see him.

I mentioned I was on a tablet supplement of B12 and he made a note of that.

so fingers crossed !

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  • Hopefully he has seen the light, and joined the few to get it right.

    Hi my friend who also writes rude limericks!

  • Keeping ones fingers crossed makes typing difficult yvonneu but I too hope your doctor gets "switched on"

  • Did you have the actual Thyroid readings with ranges ? Was it just the TSH that was tested or were you fortunate enough to have the Full panel - TSH - FT4 - FT3 - and antibodies TPO and Tg.

    I appreciate you are focusing on the important B12 results but the two conditions often overlap as we discussed on your earlier threads. A TSH result tells you very little about the thyroid - it is after all a Pituitary hormone that tells the thyroid to secrete T4 - a storage hormone. The T4 has to convert into the Active thyroid hormone T3 - which every cell in your body needs. When your GP says your results are fine - he means * in range * - it is where they are in the range - a range that is far too wide. eg if the TSH if over 2 then your thyroid is struggling - so then you need to see a FT4 and FT3 result towards the top of the range.

    Always ask for all copies of your test results - to which you are legally entitled - so you are able to monitor your progress. Also helpful when posting too as often when the Doc says fine/normal others here may not agree :-) Link below about obtaining results that are yours !

    I have Hashimotos ( auto-immune thyroid ) and also a B12 issue - hence my sharing experiences .... After several years on the Thyroid Forum here on HU - I see almost daily the inadequate testing and understanding of thyroid blood tests. All my Thyroid Functions Tests were in range back in 2005 - but the very high anti-bodies confirmed Hashimotos and so my journey to wellness began :-) I Live in Crete so things here are far easier when it comes to testing and treating ....

    So pleased you are making progress. with the B12 ..... you tested positive for IF anti-bodies - so surely your GP should be treating you. ( as per your thread of a month ago )

  • He has not offered me any treatment. I bought myself some B12 tablets as per the advice of the pharmacist I spoke to and my symptoms have lessened to a degree although this may be wishful thinking as I also take metformin which will diminish any effect this supplement has, I guess.

    Onwards and upwards ! I have asked for a copy of my last test results again so watch this space !

    Thank you for your input, guys. Your words of encouragement keep me sane.

  • Do hope you contacted the PAS people to help you with your GP's reluctance to treat your PA - as mentioned on another thread of yours. 😊

  • if i do not get the answers I want, I think I will have to just change practices even though I have been with these doctors for over thirty years x

  • Rather than change your GP after so long - why not try contacting the PAS either by phone or e-mail. You can leave a message and they will return the call. I have read here on the forum that many people have done this and found the support they needed. They are able to intervene and speak to your GP. Have you tried writing a letter with all the details about the correct treatment protocols.

    There is a Draft letter in the link below that may help you explain B12 Deficiency to your GP. Also the Pinned Posts to the right of this thread on a PC or scroll down and down if you are on a phone.

    Don't forget your thyroid test results. Have been on the Thyroid forum for almost 6 years and with almost 52,000 members it is so sad to see how many people have been left to struggle with inadequate testing and understanding of the results.

    Low B12 and Low thyroid do go hand in hand in many cases ....

    Hope you are soon sorted and feeling well ....

    Metformin may slow down/affect the absorption of other vitals too ....

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