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Burning Feet

Hi there, I'm hoping someone may have some thoughts on one of my symptoms.

Before I was diagnosed with PA, one of my symptoms was severe burning soles of my feet. After 2 months of self injecting daily, this symptom improved hugely. I've noticed now I've decreased injections, that before my soles start to burn, (which I use as my yard stick to increase my injections) the veins at the back of my ankles become swollen and the area feels tight. A number of GPs have all said it's part of idiopathic neuropathy, and they will not believe the burning sensation is even connected to my PA! Hence, why I began to self inject in the first place.

Has anyone else experienced the veins in the ankle, or does anyone have a possible explanation why it happens?

I would be very grateful for some thoughts on this.

Many thanks. AK

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The document linked below is a not-too-bad overview of burning feet.

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Hi Helvella,

Thank you so very much for the link. The information is extremely helpful and, the first time I've been able to feel confident reading the explanations given. I now feel reassured.

I really am very grateful. 🙂

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this article explains what idiopathic neuropathy is - basically its a way of saying you have neuropathy but they don't know why so not really much of a diagnosis.

However, I don't have an explanation for the veins swelling though may be it is related to the dermatitis menioned in the article helvella posted


Hi Gambit62

Many thanks for your thoughts.

I have now read the link from Helvella, and now feel reassured.

It was the most comprehensive explanation I've seen, it's brilliant that this forum holds so many helpful links.

Kind Regards


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