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Pernicious anaemia and vitiligo

Hi there,

I am currently experiencing various symptoms, and my blood showed that I have borderline low B12. I had the loading doses of Vit B12 which improved my symptoms. However my GP is reluctant to diagnose me with pernicious anaemia. I read somewhere that you are more likely to have pernicious anaemia if you have a first relative with vitiligo. I know my mother has vitiligo, but I have just discovered that my father also has it. I can't remember where I read it. Can anyone point me in the direction of any literature that states there is a link between first relatives with vitiligo and pernicious anaemia to help my diagnosis?

Thank you!!!

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I put into Google Pernicious anaemia and vitiligo NHS UK. and a lot came up about where there is one auto-immune there is likely to be another. NHS Choice had some info. and several other sites came up too. I don't know if there are any on the PAS site but others here will know.


Sorry this is a well overdue response to your post. Vitiligo and PA have been linked by researchers and doctors for many years. I have no idea why other than they are both auto-immune conditions. My grandmother had generalised vitoligo which was very visible, and I started developing it before I got B12 deficiency, perhaps five years before. I have about 90% pigment loss. There are a number of auto-immune conditions which when they present together are sometimes called polyautoimmune syndrome. They include PA and vitiligo. You can google them for more info. If you have any of them you are likely too find that others in your family may also have them. I think genetics are just starting to unravel why. Hope this helps.


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