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low b12 within normal range but low, d is low as well . having test and have a few questions

i wrote a post a while back and now i have more questions. i had to beg my dr to test me for low B 12 . she gave me a very hard time because my iron was good she said and therefore my b 12 would be normal. well after having a melt down she gave in. my b 12 was 268 normal is 200 to 1100 at this particular lab. she put me on a supplement an i am taking 3000 mcgs a day. my D level was 8 and normal range is 30 to a 100. i am on 50 thousand units once a week for 8 weeks. i have since changed drs. as she was just not really trying to figure out while i am sick. my new dr. said he wanted to test my ability to absorb along with a couple other things that has to do with my b 12. i stopped taking my b 12 about three days ago and im not sure if i should do that or if i should start taking it again. does anyone know what is better to do before having this blood drawn. I was planning on going to have blood work tomorrow but should i start taking the b 12 and wait a few days then have blood done. Im wondering if its going to mess with the test. i also had a mammogram done and a mass was found on my right breast. i am having a test that takes 2 1/2 hours long tomorrow and will know if its cancer or not. Im not sure if my low b 12 was causing all my symptoms or if its this mass that was found being the root of it. of course i am hoping its the b 12. i am very scared to find out tomorrow. Anyways any info on the test for b12 if i should take the suppliment or not take it before having blood work done....thank you everyone

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hello, i thank you for all the info that everyone has been so kind to give. i have just been very sick and no one, me or anyone else should have to fight with their drs. over testing for this. I dont live in the UK but i came across this site while trying to get information about b 12. There are some very knowledgeable people here and I am very grateful for all of you. i have read some of the info you suggested and am going to finis reading it....thank you


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