Coloured circles around smilie next to user name???

Simple question, I hope. Would someone explain the significance of the coloured circles around the smilie next to user names, please? ;)

I just can't work this out. Is it to do with the number of posts made, or how long the user has been registered, or maybe what day of the week joined ;)

I'm assuming there is some relevance ...

Many thanks


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  • Hi JMN2017. The coloured circles just appear when you first register. Don't think they have any significance...just random...unless anybody knows any different 😄

  • Thanks, Foggyme

    Shame we couldn't choose our favourite colour then. I'm not a fan of green. Just love purple, though !!! ;)

    Maybe I'll have to repeatedly register until I get a colour I like ... Only joking, of course ;) Ha Ha Ha

  • If you upload your own picture, you can have any colour(s) you like. And not just a cartoon face with a coloured border.

    Do this from your profile.

  • helvella

    Thanks. I just love that idea.

    Will do it sometime soon ;)

    Many thanks

  • helvella or anyone

    Can you help, pls? I can't work out how to upload my own picture.

    I've have been to 'Edit Profile' but see no indication where/how. Help search said to hover etc but nothing happened

    I'm stuck ...

    Many thanks

  • Towards the top left I see my image - and over it is a label saying "Upload Image" - slowly flashing (actually, more disappearing than flashing). Click on that and browse to your image file.

  • Thanks helvella & Clutter

    Wow, Impressively fast response.

    Now sorted BUT doesn't seem to work on Firefox! That's why I couldn't see any upload option. Opened page in IE and there it was :)

    Administrators: Gambit62 & fbirder etc

    Maybe worth adding it to the page Clutter linked in post above that uploading image / header not available if using Firefox.

    Thanks guys

  • The functionality being used isn't actually related to this forum - I'll try and draw the problem to the attention of the HU technical support on another forum but would suggest that you actually use the help centre to report it as a technical problem

  • Thanks Gambit62

    Yes, I'll do that.

    Didn't appreciate that was the way to go

    Hopefully, others may find it useful to know that Firefox doesn't do it at the current time :)

    Many thanks

  • I've mentioned this post in reporting it as a technical fault so may be worth double checking the version of firefox you are using and mention that

  • Yes, thanks Gambit62

    As posted to Clutter, I'm using latest version (64-bit) but could be anything in the software on my PC, of course.

    Pleased to hear it could be only me. I'll let the Help desk know, though.

    Sorry for all the trouble I've caused ;)

  • I use Firefox! I do not know what you see if you have never uploaded your image. I did that so long ago, I have forgotten - and it might have changed.

  • Hi helvella


    Yes, it could be something in the FF updates that's changed, of course. It's not a problem, once knowing that FF may not do it, so just use an alternative.

    As Gambit suggests, I'll notify the Help desk.

    Thanks again :)

  • JMN2017,

    I'm using the latest version of FFox and the upload options appeared for me.

  • Umm. Just checked and I'm using 52.0.1 so, in theory, should be the same. Maybe something in my PC or Win 10

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, though ;)

  • I'm using WIN10 too.

  • Clutter

    Probably something on my PC!!! I'll have to check it out on my laptop - also Win 10 and FF 52.0.1

    Not sure whether laptop 32 or 64 bit but will check that too.

    Many thanks ;)

  • JMN2017,

    I wouldn't worry about it. You're a vision in purple now, as you wanted :-D

  • He He He

    Yes, just a tad purple now ;)

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