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Nerve issues literally jumping around from place to place

Hi all! i've been injecting daily now for 2 months and my nerve issues have gone from severe burning to slight tingling ants crawling, and socks/gloves - so BIG progress.

What I find strange is that *lately* the location seems to jump around. One day it's my right pinky, next day is my left ring finger and palm, then another day it's my arm and top of my hands... Rarely some tingling on my face or upper leg or wrists. Is it normal for it to move around like that?

And my husband and i were wondering if it's actually the peripheral nerves healing, or if tte nerves in the brain responsible for those areas are also healing.

Anyway it's just a curiosity. I'd say i'm "still improving" because on days that the intensity remains the same, the location jumps around, so a previously sensitive body part gets better, even if only for a few days.

Now i'm just waiting for my energy levels, brain fog, and memory to catch up! I wouldn't mind the nerve issues if i could just get my brain to WORK! :)

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Sometimes I had the sensation of my nerves turning on and off. Keep it up!


I don't know the answer but I have similar roaming pain, stinging, tingling.

Your theory about the brain responding to the healing nerves is interesting.

I'm just keeping going with si and vitamins and listening to my body. When my energy's gone, it's gone.


Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

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Yes. One min it could be in my pinky finger next minute in my legs, then feet then hands etc.. At first i thought it was anxiety but now I know. Gets worse when I'm anxious mind. It's like it's jumping around ever so weird. I don't get pins or needles though just like burning sensations quite painful at times.


Jade, I know what you mean: Fizzy Feet at the moment (sitting in library)

Told Dr this morning that I can finally FEEL my injections going in- had my first one in February last year and never felt a thing until Dec 23rd- it's a bloody Christmas Miracle!

Wishing you a very speedy recovery.


Thanks! Yup, slowly getting better.

Haha, glad that you're feeling the pain. ;) Hope it continues to get better!


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