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B12 making me so hungry

Hi all

I've been on b12 injections for over a year now, I've had some very interesting thing happen to me during that time, such a onset of heartburn, ulcers in my mouth rash OK my body, pains in my limbs. The next new thing that happing a week before my injection is due I have this massive onset or gorging on sugary snacks drinking tuns of coffee and also have a really weird craving for red wine just a glass. Anyone else have these food gorging issues

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Excuse the spelling predicted text


I've not noticed any cravings, but I have found an appetite again. I think I was functioning on fresh air and caffeine before I started my jabs, but I actually get hungry now and eat proper meals!

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Yeah I put myself on a restricted protein diet which has been going amazing until the last week for my injection, sugar I've eatern tuns of hommous. So I did a little resurch answer it said when you craving for certain foods it's your body trying to tellearn you something so my b12 was low so red wine and hommous. Sugary for energy realise because I wasn't getting any. Body is amazing 😀


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