Further blood results

Sorry I know i keep flooding this page with questions. I am just trying to get as much information so my doctors can't back me into a corner again.

I have managed to get some more of my blood results.

MCV 89.4 range 80-100 fL

MCHC 332 range 315-345 gL

I was able to get these whilst at the doctors today about my anti depressants. Which i will now be coming off slowly but surely.


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  • Smack in the middle of the normal range. That means you don't have macrocytic (large cell) anaemia.

    There's a good chance your doctor will interpret that to mean that your B12 and folate aren't a problem. Unfortunately, a lot of people with neurological symptoms do not have macrocytosis.

  • Thank you. I am okay if its my diet that has caused my b12 def. I just need to get ahead of my doctors they have tried everything to not believe i am b12 def.

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