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Flat as a biscuit and hair like Bon Jovi's Mum

Had a very tiring weekend, trying to be alright on the outside - and in the end, just trying to get home asap. All a bit disappointing, and meant I was tired, tearful and not concentrating on Monday when I went for my injection.

The nurse, who said she would get me a Dr's certificate last week, now says GP wants to see me instead (like a trip to the headmistress!) - which is fine, because I had written to GP with questions, symptoms list and chart a while ago and was expecting a call from her. Except can't even get an appointment now until 21st and certificate due in tomorrow. Really don't have brain or energy for going through this with a new GP just to get a certificate, and now also have no-one to go with me on 21st as partner is on a course.

Hoping it's a 'good' day, hoping questions I asked won't make her defensive, hoping I can do this without falling apart and crying for 10 mins. Always afraid that injections will be reduced or worse, stopped altogether.

I expected, on 2 injections a week for such a long time, not to have so many problems still. Also using Boost spray, every non-injection day- not sure that's doing anything at all. Maybe I'm expecting too much? Is this who I am now?

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So sorry you've had such a rough time. I have my docs appt on the 21st too. I'll be thinking of you.

I can't comment on how much improvement to expect because I'm still so new to all this.

Sending hugs anyway. xx


Thanks Amy for the hugs- badly needed.

Got a letter from the GPs today, can't even understand all of it, but think that GP sending me to St Thomas' haematologist because she can't answer any of the questions I put in the letter and local hospital unable to do any of the tests I suggested. Whether that means I still have an appointment with her on 21st or not I'm not sure, but I still will need a certificate. Entirely possible I wrote them in Gibberish- which lately seems to be my first language!

I will be thinking of you too, thanks again.


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