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Active B12 High result follow up test

Hi everyone!

A quick follow up question to a post I'd written about active b12 testing:

I got mine tested about 2 weeks ago and the result was high, 234 (range 25-165). I'd been taking b12 supplements (in pill form) very off and on up until I got tested with the last supplement being taken 48 hours before the test.

My question is how long should I wait until I test again to get a truer level? I've heard conflicting things from doctors, lab websites etc.

I was also wondering if 234 for the active b 12 is even that high? With tablets, sublinguals or shots I've heard of it being higher but I'm not really clear as to how high supplements and/or shots could or should push this number.

I'm still quite tired and want to get a truer reading so I can make a supplement action plan and hopefully have more energy!

Thanks in advance!

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That is, indeed, a very high level. if you've got it up that high just with oral supplements it certainly looks like you don't have an absorption problem. That almost certainly means that your body can efficiently recycle the B12 it has.

To get a more accurate result you'd have to stop supplements for several months.

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Thank you so much for your reply! When I went to my internist/ haematologist she said pretty much the same thing and wasn't worried at all. She said my blood work looked great. I'd recently had an abdominal ultrasound that just showed mild fatty liver so my treatment was pretty much summed up as "you're in good health, stop drinking beer, lose some weight and if you want to test in a month for b12, fine" she didn't seem worried about it at all.

I'm still left wondering what else I could or should do/test for as far as any sinester underlying cause or just to feel better since I still feel like I'm falling asleep half the day!

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