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Mystery illness have posted in thyroid but dr has called re folate

Hi I've been feeling really unwell for years now I have posted in thyroid with more detail but here goes - 2008 lost 4 stone without trying and developed anxiety after period of stress started feeling cold all the time shivering muscle spasms pain chest pain night sweats and dizzy spells to name a few - I have 3 kids pcos diagnosed in 2001 i am 36 and had a still birth 3 years ago at 29 weeks unexplained - thyroid tsh sits below range so I'm subclin hyperthyroid was told yesterday.

Dr then rang today saying bloods show I need to take folate for a min of 3 months

My memory is why I went in last week - I'm really struggling and finding words remembers anything including what I'm talking about mid way thru convo I feel like that fish dory in finding nemo

Nothing else just get script start taking it can anyone help me work out what's wrong with me I feel so ill and dr up until today has been labelling me with generalised anxiety disorder despite 2 dif drs sending me to ambulatory care with chest pain tachycardia and sweating dizziness last year

Any help would be appreciated I just want to feel better collecting 5mg folate script this avo thanks

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Just to add I have had a total hysto in ovaries last year no let up in night sweats I get pins and needles in my hands and feet and I keep falling down the stairs (did so the week before my still birth and again last week before drs trip) I'm waiting for physio on my neck back as stiff and having nerve problems they think


They haven't said just called and told me to get the script asap


I rang them the one she is allowed to tell me that I have a script for is 4.5 she has requested freedom of info so I can find out my b12 :/ lol so I don't know



The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their test results. Ask for the B12 result and range. If you are refused ask to speak to the practice manager. If necessary make a written subject access request but that can give the practice up to 40 days to comply and you need to know your B12 result now.

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Thanks I have asked her to email said dr to get permission and ring me back will update when I hear otherwise I'm in on Tuesday morning with my own gp x

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