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Hi folks

I posted on here about 2 days ago regarding my partner and how ill he is, excessive night sweats,irritability, insomnia,weight loss, fine tremor of the hands.

His bloods where all okay Doc had tested for cancer but i still have a nagging doubt at the back of my mind (maybe i am worrying to much but have little faith in docs due to my own struggles with been Hypothyroid).

He is self employed taxi driver but he tried to go to work and had to come home he felt to ill to work, he did buy some b12 supplements Methylcobalamin 1000ug.

But i am still not happy and am getting more concerned about him and his weightloss.

We are off to the Docs again if we can get an appointment on Monday as i mentioned in previous post his b2 was 177 range 115----1000 would this low level warrant b12 injections am i going in the wrong direction??? am just so worried hence the fact i am still up at 1am.

Is there anything else i should ask the doc to test for, my partner hates me going with him typical bloke! but he tends not to question the medical profession where as i question everything.

Thanks everyone for any advice these forums are a blesssing.


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  • Hi again dotti did your husband feel any benefit from taking the B12 Supplement? If so you might mention this to the doctor and maybe he will agree to give a trial of injections.

    Apart from your husband's age you have "ruled out" other causes of his lowish B12 level but as we grow older stomach acid levels decline and this will affect absorption.

    Make a list of the symptoms and present this to the doctor - don't rely on memory as things often get forgotten when face to face. It's good that you go along with your husband as this makes it less likely the the doctor will pooh pooh his symptoms in front of a witness.

    I wish you both well

  • All of those symptoms cover hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease. I had them all, plus more pre diagnosis. Would be worth getting thyroid tests done TSH, FT3 FT4

  • I began treatment for low B12 at a level of 176. My GP said anything below 400 ought to be treated if there are symptoms! Only a fraction of what is in the blood will reach the cells where it can be used. I also had a hand tremor. As Silver_Fairy has said thyroid should also be checked as the symptoms are similar for both conditions.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks everyone for your replies so very helpful


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