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Missed my 3 month top up by a month

All, I got my dates confused and missed my top up be a month. I was wondering why I was feeling shattered.

The nurse said that as a result this injection might not be effective as the B12 in my body would have been too depleted, and if I don't see any effect I should speak to the GP about another.

Any experience of that?

How quickly will I feel the effect of this one?

(It was my first 3 month injection, so have no idea how quickly they work,


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Hi Cwalshox4 I think your nurse was talking rubbish. True your symptoms may be a little worse than normal and yes it would be a good idea (and excuse) to have a couple of additional jabs in the meantime but I can't believe that you will have "run out" in so short a time.

Ask to have your Folate level checked as it is essential to process the B12.

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I think your nurse was very good and she has a good point. You may well need extra jabs to get your levels back up. Try to get what it takes to feel well again as only that will show that you have made up the deficiency and a deficiency causes damage within your body. Lots of people need more frequent jabs anyway.


I think your nurse had a point. Many people (myself included) need injections more frequently than once every 3 months and it is absolutely possible to run out in that time (or 4 months in your case). Yes, B12 is stored in the body but everyone is different and we all need to find the levels that work for us.

It can't possibly do you any harm to have an extra injection, so I would definitely talk to the GP about a top-up if you don't feel the effects soon. I'd give it a couple of days and then make the decision.

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