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My friend who suffers from anxiety went to the emergency room earlier. She brought up that they were doing blood work possibly and that it could be anemia. Well, I shouldn't have, but I immediately googled anemia. I'm tired all the time even with a full nights rest. I usually start to feel more energetic when it's night time but now I'm not so sure. Then I ready that anemia with sudden onset of it, is a symptom of cancer. Also, I've been noticing that I have this cough sometimes. Not constantly, but I notice it. A dry cough that maybe every once in a while produces phlegm, but not usually? I've noticed the cough for the past week now so you can imagine my fear rising when I also read that a sudden cough can be a sign of cancer. I'm worrying myself sick again. I don't want to do this :( I've seen doctors and they just throw pills at me and say it's anxiety. Which I've suffered from so, so much. But I'm getting so much better. It just feels like as soon as I start thinking this is coming to a close, I get a new symptom. And now I'm scared again 💔

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Hi Mama1204 I think you are worrying too much about something which can easily be "cleared up" by asking you doctor to test your blood like your friend has had done.

Make a list of all your symptoms and present it to your doctor so that you don't forget any of them when he asks you "how are you feeling?"

If possible have someone go with you to the appointment who can confirm your symptoms as your doctor is less likely to be dismissive in front of a witness.

Even if you are anaemic any treatment is simple, quick and effective. As to your cough - well there's a lot of them going about at this time of the year and just think "Spring is just around the corner".

Instead of worrying be proactive - get your blood tested and depending on the result look at your diet and lifestyle to see if you can improve your general health.

If you need to, post the blood test results on here and whilst I'm not a medically trained person there are other members of this community who will be able to advise you - if necessary.

I too have been a worrier all my life. In fact I used to worry when I had nothing to worry about but I'm still "clivealive" at 75 :)

I wish you well


there are different types of anaemia - iron based anaemia is one possibility.

folate and B12 deficiencies can cause a different form of anaemia. Although this forum has anaemia in its title it isn't actually specifically about anaemia as anaemia is only one of the symptoms of a B12 deficiency which is the cause of the symptoms of pernicious anaemia.

You need to try and work with your doctor as far as you can. Ask them to do a full blood count and test for B12, folate, iron and also for thyroid.


I was tired all the time, had bloods done and turned out to be low B12 and Folic Acid.

I was put on B12 injections and Folic acid tablets. I started feeling much better, almost back to normal within 8-12wks.

Get your bloods done and see if there's any defficiency.

Anemia is easily fixed and the cough. I have 7 members in my household and we all have very bad cough, it's just a virus going around.

I also think you're just worrying when there's no need. Google will tell you all kinds of things and make you worry more.

I think you suffer from Anxiety which adds to your worry and worrying makes your anxiety worse.

There's nothing to worry about, get your bloods done and something for your cough.

If nothing comes in your blood it could just be a matter of diet and lifestyle.

Do f worry I'm 99% sure you don't have cancer, and the test is easily treated.

Most common is low B12, low Folic acid, low Iron and low vitamin D.

Nothing to worry about.

Get up, be happy and make some positive lifestyle and diet changes and all will bs good.

In the meantime get a full blood test and ask your GP to give you something for anxiety.


Hope u feel better soon.

The mind is very powerful, sometimes it's just in the mind.


Thank you so much for saying this to me! I've seen 3 different doctors though and none of them even mentioned any testing. I tell them my symptoms, and they immediately call it anxiety. I have a few good days, and then feel like I get kicked right back to square one and have to start all over again. But I'm trying! Thank you again


I should add. I now have a full blown cold lol so I'm not too concerned over the cough anymore.. I guess it was just the start of this nasty crud going around


I think you at=re thinking too much about which may not require such thoughts. Many a times internet can make you worry more. There are some occasions when such a thing is possible but that does not mean it is the same case with you. So I think you should just see a doctor and take his or her opinion. In my case I had these symptoms and I though I was seriously ill however a few pills like the helped me solve my problem and I was back to full fitness in no time. So, my suggestion is that instead of worrying too much just see a doctor and see how it goes. Good luck


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