Looking for help locating useful video, and meaning of erythrocyte sedimentation rate results

There are 2 things that I need help with:

1) Lilnicki posted a really good video about B12 deficiency -and I don't know how to find it. I know there is a way to look through all the members to find people, but somehow I've forgotten it

2) Dr seems interested in checking my erythrocyte sedimentation rate fairly regularly: any idea what for specifically? This might help:

Results (mm/h): 19/2/16: 7, 30/8/16: 5, 6/1/17: 8

-thanks in advance!

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  • you could try going into the followers of the forum - 4th option under the bar under the PAS banner at the top - I've just had a look but can't find anyone following the forum called lilnicki so they may not longer be a member of the forum or of Health Unlocked.

  • If you put lilnicki in the search section on the right you will find some posts and replies from lilnicki. I couldn't see a video but did not search it carefully.

  • "Function B12 Deficiency"

    MickyaelaMickyaela a year ago 18 Replies

    Found it - put lilnicki into search when in My Communities, I copied the Posting it is in as above.

  • seems to be on this post


  • Hi Cherylclaire.

    The ESR blood tests is a general blood test that measures so called inflammatory markers - it cannot diagnose a specific condition but shows if there is any inflammatory process taking place in the body. If the ESR is consistnatly high, then a GP will usually undertake further investigation to try and identify the causes.

    Causes for a raised result can include things like infection, anaemia, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease...and a whole host of other inflammatory conditions.

    Your levels don't look high so perhaps your GP is monitoring this for any indication of the presence or development of inflammatory disease etc. Or perhaps monitoring the inflammatory status of any other condition you have?

    Think it's good that this is being monitored since many GP's simply don't bother 😄

  • My GP is very good, Foggyme, but don't get to see her much now although she has issued a certificate recently. All is at a standstill- she is still trying to get the elusive expert from St Thomas' to contact her, and until that happens, there is very little that she can do for me other than continue with my 2-a-week injections. Which isn't the worst thing, right? Still symptomatic in an everyday up/down random way, but still hopeful that I can improve my life, that the expert can be found and that if not, I've got the neurology appointment at St Thomas' in May anyway.

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