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Hi, me again, been a while since I had a bit of a rant on here.

Does anyone else find themselves struggling in the days/week before another B12 injections? After my first one in November, it lasted about 2 weeks before I was struggling again. I had my second in January and I've started to feel horrid in the last, maybe 4-5 days. My third jab is tomorrow. So it's getting better. But just wondering if this is normal to start struggling and 'retreating' back to how you originally feel when you're due another jab? Thanks! x

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I feel the same..... I begin to struggle three weeks after my b12... this is what has driven me (secretly) to si.


Hi Moosey I started to "struggle" six or seven years ago in the run up to my next four weekly jab of cyanocobamalin but then I've had P.A for 45 years and am now 75.

Just make sure you Folate level is "Healthy"

P.S. I successfully negotiated with my doctor to have three weekly injections last year.


I'm exactly the same as Jillc39... I si as every 3months is nowhere near enough:((

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I start to feel crabby and bad tempered about 12 hours after a maintenance shot - leave it a further day or two and I've got no energy and no will to live. I'm towards the extremely short end of when I need a top up but it is far from uncommon to feel ill before the next shot is due.

The PAS tried to do a study a last year into why some people need injections more frequently and started out by asking for people who found that they could cope with the 3 monthly regime to come forward - very few did and of those the majority knew when a maintenance shot was due because they did actually have some symptoms coming back.


Oh yes, definitely.

2 wks after a shot start going downhill again.

Terrible after 4 wks.

6-8 wks start sleeping 18-20 hrs out of 24hrs!

Gets very bad.

I need a monthly jab to manage.

GP don't agree to monthly jab.

Feel dead by 3 mnths.


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