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Positive response from GP when I told her I continue to self inject alternate days!

I have a good relationship with one particular GP at my practice. She was the one I asked to check my B12 levels when I suspected I was deficient. I saw another GP, who I also regard as competent, when the results came back showing deficiency in B12 and Vit D. He gave me the first loading dose and my friend (a fellow nurse) administered the next 5. I returned a week after the final injection as my symptoms were returning. I also have neurological symptoms and was aware of the treatment regime. The doctor I saw reluctantly prescribed 10 more ampoules of hydroxocobalamin. As I was about to go abroad I requested a letter to carry what I needed to self inject, she informed me that was not required as I would definitely not need more than she had prescribed. She did refer me a neurologist to rule out other causes for peripheral neuropathy, despite me telling her that I felt my symptoms responded to B12. (I have a family history of PA)

Not wanting my much needed vacation to be ruined nor my health to deteriorate I decided to source my own supplies (thanks to advice given on this forum) Prior to my departure I made an appointment to see the original GP to inform her of this. (Unfortunately appointments with her are like gold dust because she is so good)

Suffice to say I was able to tell her that injecting every other day, whilst taking folic acid, a good multivitamin, Vit D & ferrous fumarate is having a beneficial effect. My feet and hands are no longer painful, although they continue to tingle and I have reduced sensation. I tire easily but I'm no longer constantly fatigued. I am only unsteady on my feet when tired. Many symptoms have disappeared. Unfortunately, although I get hungry I fill up with little food and feel uncomfortably full for longer than I should. I am taking lime juice and awaiting a delivery of Symprove today.

She was delighted with my progress. Said that I could always get 'injectables' from the surgery, not knowing that her colleagues may not agree! I told her I'd ordered 100 to save on postage! She has referred me to a gastroenterologist, just to be on the safe side.

I don't honestly know how much knowledge she has about B12 deficiency but she is understanding, compassionate and even joked when I complained of a 4kg weight loss that I wasn't to expect sympathy from her on that account! (She's a wee bit plump & I'm petite)

I wish there were more like her for all you lovely people out there who suffer needlessly.

A big thank you again to those who reached out when I needed help most.

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Hi HonorElizabeth,

That makes a refreshing read... a GP agreeing to treat you for B12 deficiency.... Is she new to the practice? Pleased for you.

May I ask you in which part of England you live?.... Would consider moving!

Best wishes for a continuous progress and better health.


JGBH Thank you for your kind wishes. I live in Beckenham. London Borough of Bromley. It the largest GP practice in the Borough so there is a tendency to see lots of different doctors. I've known this particular doctor for years. She's always very pleasant. I'm counting my blessings.

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Hi HonorElizabeth,

Thank you for reply. I think it's a little too far for joining your GP's practice!... Indeed count your blessings you must.

Keep well.


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