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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me.... I'm fro the UK and have managed to get my doctor (after writing a letter with evidence to the practice manager, stopping short of accusing them of negligence), to give me 8 weekly until I see a neurologist.

I self inject every other day to try and improve my symptoms (dizziness and loss of balance the worst) but stopped for over a week after the 4th one because I hit a nerve and was too scared. The symptoms lost any improvement until I could get started again on Boxing Day and have been going since.

The question is, I go to America - San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vegas in April and obviously I can't take my needles and syringes with me to self inject and don't think I can go the whole 2 1/2 weeks without an injection evening April. Does anyone have any advice - can I get them done over there or buy a small pack of needles , where do I dispose of them etc? Anxiety flaring already! :(

All advice appreciated ❤

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  • You can bring your needles with you. Check with your airline, but you should be able to pack them in your luggage. You may want to bring a copy of your prescription to be able to prove the B12 and syringes are medically necessary. Injectable B12 is not available without a prescription in the US and most states have limitations on what types of syringes they will sell without a prescription (some states won't sell any syringes without a prescription while most will sell insulin syringes if you ask).

    As for disposal, that also varies a little by location. Generally, if you enclose the used syringes in a hard container, such as a juice or soda bottle, and tape the lid shut, you can toss that bottle in the garbage without problems.

  • My doctor doesn't know I self inject, would I still be able to take everything with me?

    Thank you

  • Hmm, I'm more familiar with getting through customs at the Canadian border so I don't really know the answer to your specific question. Have you looked for answers here?:

    I also found this article which is moderately helpful, although they also recommend having a doctor's note with you:

  • I travelled from UK to India last week. Packed half my needles, syringes & B12 in hand luggage and the rest in hold luggage. Had a letter from the GP, just incase. Sailed through security, ironically I'm usually the one who gets randomly checked. Brought a small sharps container with me so I can have things disposed of properly when I return. Good luck.

  • Does your doctor know you self inject to give you the letter??

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