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Pernicious Anemia.. Injections and Patches is it safe?

Need a bit of information about transdermal b12 patches? I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia last year.... by a Student doctor! It took around 6 years for the doctors to tell me what all the random pains I was having and nerve issues. My levels of b12 dropped below the normal threshold between 2009 onwards they thought I was border line under active with thyroid. More and more issues carried on and on I discovered lots of issues with trying to keep warm even with taking extremely hot baths etc heating on constant, wearing the thermals in the summer and more the worst I'd find is having extreme depression and anxiety at least 5 panic attacks a day hyperventilation etc, choking and more doctors thought I was going crazy gave me medication for depression obviously I didn't take any of the meds because I was so anxious about the effects. It got to the point where i felt so fatigued just stopped functioning with society until friends of friends who have b12 anemia said I should ask my doctor to run extensive FBC'S and more bloods tests after they got the results they was quite shocked I was able to function with a mear 109ug of b12 in my system they purposes tablets a doctor gave me Strong vitamin B Complex 5000mcg to take 4 a day and then 1 folic acid tablet a day. After months of trials still noting I felt a bit realised to know I understand that something was wrong but I know what it was. but as soon as the trials stopped I felt alot worse. The doctor then a med students proposed I take injections as for one they would be effective so with authority of doctors I was started on my first loading dose of hydroxocobalamin near instantly about a minute in obviously feeling the tingling feeling of the injection I started to feel weird as if I was having a panic attack the first stage of hyperventilation where you think your not getting enough air my body automatic ly started to slow my breathing down and about the 10 minutes Mark I was very very patient and very relaxed for the first time it felt like I was normal ? I still felt a little jittery but that was just my body coming to shock with alterations in breathing habits. So the final loading dose a week or so later I felt very relaxed for the injection and alot of things had changed one thing I noticed is that my weight for one before I had the injections I was around the 9stone Mark and I was steadily putting on alot of weight in short periods because I was obviously eating now properly. Long story short the injections have worked to some extent. Fixing alot of neurological damage in my eyes, hands and feet especially my ammune system. The only issue is still have is I still get the fogs but only when I'm due for an injection. I've been trying to get my hands on methylcobalamin injections calling around the UK Medical pharmacies and nothing.

I have contacted a company that supplies methylcobalamin patches and I'm just asking for information if it's safe to take these patches with also injections? I can get hold of the methylcobalamin but only from Australia or USA... £28.

Many thanks ken 😁

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No issues with overdosing on B12 - hydroxo is used as a preferential treatment for cyanide poisoning - administering 5000x the amount you have in an injection over 15 minutes intravenously - with a follow up dose after 30 min if required.

In UK treatment where there is neuro symptoms is hydroxo every other day until symptoms stop improving (with a review at 3 weeks) and sounds as if you were still in the improving phase so may be worth going back and asking for more loading shots.


You can get Methylcobalamin in U.K. From Intravita (Google it) in ampoules , made by a GERMAN pharmaceutical firm in Munich . You can also get Methylcobalamin as a powder from OXFORD BIOSCIENCES . They tell you where to get the saline to reconstitute it.

You cannot overdose on B12.

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