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So so ill

Hi guys,

I had the festive season from hell, my Christmas Day my little daxie had spinal surgery at Fitzpatrick's, having left him and returning home I had a headache from hell, I put it down to stress took some pills and laid on the sofa feeling completely "flat".

Come Boxing Day I was so weak I could bearly walk I was shaking all over I felt drunk and had absolutely no appetite. No sore throat or cold no fever just completely and utterly wiped out.

Here we are over a week later and I am still feeling ropey I had my b12 yesterday (the 3rd of 3 monthly) and will get blood results on Monday.

Any clues please I do have PA, and this is the first time in years I have been this ill, I was not even this ill after major neck surgery two years ago.

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So sorry to hear your woes. I had a mini Dachshund who had to have major back surgery - it worked. I know what sort of state I was in when we found him paralysed one Sunday morning. Sounds like you had a nasty shock too.

Providing you get medical advice on all of this, I hope like me you'll feel better once you know your dog is ok. I was the only one he trusted to do his physio but oh what joy to see him in his doggie life jacket learning to use his limbs again. He lived for another twelve years. I'm sure he/she's got/getting the best treatment available.

I hope both of you recover well. I'm sure other people on the forum will give you more knowledgeable advice than I personally can.

All best wishes,



Hi Geordi, was your serum Folate tested? This needs to be at a "healthy" level to process the B12 you are having injected.


I am awaiting blood results which were taken on tuesday


You may need your thyroid checked. There is a good forum on here too. Those symptoms sound like an underactive thyroid. I have felt lots of those too but I'm sorry to say the doctors etc are not very good with that problem good luck I hope you get sorted.

I hope your doggy is ok.😕


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