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B12 problem with me from year ! after i left smoking and drinking !

guys its really horrible wen i feel scared in nights , terror attacks , pain in neck and body , cant run , cant breath much , pain in hands and legs all day , i work for hour and feels like worked 5 hours ! , i feel somtimes ill die ! but i started injections of b12 shots and feels good somtimes but after some days i feel again low n all problems again ! but i have faith in god jesus and also i feel down wen i drink beer and after dat i feel whole month b12 prblem so i left all d things and again started shots of b12 now i feel lilttle good energy in me ! and i also have stomach digest prblems ! so dnt worry behappy be positive in life ull be okay <3 godbless u all !

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Welcome. Congratulations on getting B12 injections started.

Alcohol destroys all the othe B-vitamins that B12 needs to do its job. Best to stop alcohol altogether. It was hard for me but once I knew how it was impacting me it was easy to decide.

Beer contains gluten. Have you tried going completely gluten and dairy free? Avoid wheat, barley, rye grains. Oats can also be contaminated with these grains. Rice, quinoa are gluten free.

Stomach heartburn can be caused by to little stomach acid just like too much acid. Have you been taking antacids?

Does drinking orange juice improve or make stomach issues worse? I drink a glass before bed and sleep well.

Your dreams, anxiety and panic are all psychological side effect of neurological damage.

You can also get new symptoms from the injections. Start a logbook to monitor your progress. The symptoms the show up within 3 days of the jab are likely from the jab. Treat the jay as day zero in the logbook.

Food issues can also be identified by using the logbook. Because the gut is involved, these symptoms appear between 3 and 48 hours after eating of drinking. Stop the food/drink for two weeks to completely purge the byproducts.

Then reintroduce and monitor for 48 hour to see what symptoms reappear.

You also need to supplement with folic acid and a daily multivitamin to support B12 in repair of the nerves. This is very slow , so use the logbook to support short term memory loss. Assess your own severity score for each of your symptoms and monitor progress over months.

Also note when symptoms start to reappear and discuss with your Dr getting more frequent injections. Give your GP a list of all your symptoms with your scores each time you visit. Ask for their suggestions to get them to buy into the treat by symptoms.

Welcome to the roller coaster.


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