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Injecting am vs pm?

I've seen this vaguely mentioned in passing on some posts, but wondering what time of the day most people inject (assuming you have control over the timing)? I remember reading 1 person injecting before bed and sleeping better because of it.

The first day I injected it was in the evening - I became very wired and couldn't fall asleep. Since then I've been trying to inject in the mornings. Yesterday I wasn't able to get to it until before bed, and I can't say I noticed that it helped nor hindered my sleep.

Just curious. I suppose as with everything else it's highly individual. ;)

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I don't notice any difference.


I used to inject at night to sleep off the headache and aggression. That meant I probably didn't sleep so well.

I inject in the morning now and sleep pretty well. I did notice last month that taking a couple methyl sublinguals at bed time gave a good nights rest. So why did I take them at bedtime? Can't remember- maybe I felt run down. So I slept good because I was tired.

I do think that B12 at bedtime enhances my dreams. As such it probably acts like an amplifier making good dreams better and making the need to resolve unresolved issues stronger (restlessness).


Definitely in the evenings, after a few stiff drinks to build up the courage!


I don't notice any difference at all


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