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Doctors letter

So I called the practice this morning after leaving the letter in on Monday ... the GP I complained about is on holiday from last Friday to next Thursday so potentially another 2 weeks before I get a reply.

My question is, if I bite the bullet and send inject tonight, and they want blood tests in 2-3 weeks time, will the self injection affect the results ?

Thank you all!

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I think the answer has to be "yes" JordanC unless of course any serum B12 test result taken in a fortnight comes out low

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looking back at your posts it looks like you are on maintenance shots so the blood test isn't going to mean anything unless it comes back low - but past experience implies that it won't.

Do you know what blood tests they are doing in 2-3 weeks? is it serum B12 and folate or are they planning on doing other tests?


I've asked them to do the PA test, check ferritin and folate levels - doesn't mean they will but I have requested them. I've given them the evidence stating that high Serum b12 levels don't mean anything when you're getting the injections but she didn't listen to that when I was in with her. Worried incase they take even those off me!

Thank you


Check the pinned posts but IFA probably won't be affected if you supplement 2-3 weeks beforehand - and wouldn't affect folate or ferritin.


I can never see these pinned posts - I'm always on a mobile!


think they are right down at the bottom if you are using a mobile - to the right if you are using a browser


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