Help with Self Injecting

I self inject, or to be more accurate, my wife who has been a registered general nurse for over 40 years actually does the job for me. She has asked me to put this post on here and say that she would be willing to show other sufferers how to do it or even do it for them (subject to signing a consent form). This might give those who struggle to master the technique the confidence to keep going. You would, of course have to visit us here in Barnet North London. This is just a thought we will see if and where it leads. Good luck to all the self injectors.


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  • I wish I was in London :( what about a YouTube video because I would certainly subscribe? x

  • Was thinking the same thing!,

  • There are loads of them already.

  • How kind of your wife, a very nice thought.

  • Despite the helpful Youtube videos, I would find that helpful, and live in kent, so could find a way to get to see your wife... thank her for the offer.

  • Wow, that's a lovely offer! Does your wife inject sc or im? I've been injecting im pretty much since I'm diagnosed as I was living in a country where the trip to the clinic to get the shots would take 3 hours. And this clinic was open during working hours only. Not so convenient if you want to keep your job. Basically, the doctor showed me how, and I've been injecting using long needle insulin syringes in a muscle with little body fat ever since. Works well for me, no bruising, no other problems.

  • i am also an RN RSCN and midwife i posted some time ag o how to inject is a little intimidating but when one needs must-----.

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