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Its my birthday tomorrow and want to have few drinks tonight but i have had bad experiences after drinking

Is there anything i can do to stop it happening? I have blacked out after getting a bit drunk but even if i drink a couple i can get heart racing anxiety etc

Only time i could tolerate was on antidepressanrs but i think tget raise your cortisol levels ...

So makes me wonder if having pa knackers your adrenals

Wish i could have a couple 😩

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Hi Manlou. First of all, a happy birthday for tomorrow 🎂.

Can PA damage your, not directly. However, PA is an autoimmune condition and if your have one autoimmune condition it is possible (but not definite) that you may have others (i.e. Addison's disease - which affects the adrenals).

Not sure about the relationship between alcohol and cortisol levels so I've done a quick search on the Internet and this is what I've found...

There is a two-way relationship between alcohol and cortisol levels: alcohol consumption stimulates cortisol secretion and elevated cortisol levels may increase the desire to drink by increasing it's rewarding effects. I take this to mean that the more you drink, the more you want to drink...and the quicker the effects of alcohol on the body.

More importantly, raised cortisol levels brought about by drinking alcohol can result in the temporary shut down of other physical processes, causing physical damage to the body.

But nobody thinks of this when they're having a nice sip sip sip.

I do know that my body no longer seems to be able to tolerate alcohol...a shame because I do love a nice ice cold G & T. But I now have to limit myself to one (only very occasionally) or two (for a very special occasion)... and I have to admit that if I have an excessive two, then I do feel the effects for a couple of days afterwards 😖.

But I know exactly how you feel when you say 'I wish I could have a couple'!

Drinking alcohol also depletes B12!

And just a thought before I go...I know that you've mentioned adrenal fatigue and low cortisol in your previous posts and have been sold 'lots of expensive supplements'. Just wondering if someone has told you that you have adrenal fatigue and encouraged you take take supplements for this?

Unless your cortisol levels and adrenal function have been tested (the only way to know adrenal status for sure), then taking supplements can result in cortisol levels that are too high. Cortisol is finely balanced in the body and if your level is too high, then this could make you feel quite ill. And also,increase the effects of alcohol on the body 😖😱. Anyway, just a though and may not apply to you 😀.

Incidentally, if you are worried about adrenal function, you could ask your GP to test your cortisol levels (or even better, do a full adrenal panel) when you see him / her.

I'll just finish by saying hope you have a really lovely birthday and good luck with your upcoming doctor's appointment (Sunday, I think you said).

Take care X

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Aw thankyou maybe its that then delpeting b12!!

It makes u pee more doesnt it and my stmptoms fet worse after peeing!

I dont think i have Addison s but i have been told adrenal dyfunction due to the strain on my body of the core problem

So maybe its just struggling i have to drink caffine and push myself bit like driving the car with the brakes on u nacker the brakes too!!

Thankyou after even once my heart races i get anxious etc i might just haveone just miss it being docial and giggly xxx



Just wondering who diagnosed adrenal dysfunction...can only be done via medic and blood tests (not by alternative practitioner with any degree of accuracy/certainty) 😀.

Driving a car with brakes on....tha's B12 deficiency for you!

Hope your GP gets you sorted.

Happy birthday 😀


Thanks i have gp on my birthday hopefully get tge best present ever !!

I had cortisol saliva tests show im low cortisol til 2pm then notmal and then high adrenal fatigue...

But like u said probably is pa simular symptoms too !! X


Fingers crossed that GP has a present for you then xx

Not really sure what is meant by 'then high adrenal fatigue...cortisol should be low during the evening and at night, it should be high in the morning, increases 20-30 minutes after waking, then falls slowly throughout the day.

You can find the reference ranges on line and compare them with your results.

Many things can affect the results of a cortisol test (i.e. Physical,or emotional stress, strenuous activity and infection or injury.

My understanding that a cortisol test alone is not sufficient to give a full picture of true adrenal status, so...

It would be a good idea to take your results along to your GP and ask him to do a full adrenal panel to check for Addison's disease or other conditions related to cortisol imbalance (there are quit a few 😀)

Take care. Good birthday x


be careful with the caffeine, if I drink coffee I get terrible palpitations but thankfully I'm OK to enjoy a couple of alcoholic drinks as long as I don't over do it.

Hope you had a great birthday Xx


Happy Birthday. Coffee?

I find the hangover from alcohol to be too much. I voluntarily gave up all alcohol. My friends and family were more annoyed, but accepted it.

I've never looked back.

Good luck. It's your body.


Happy birthday Mandlou. Drinking is meant to be for fun, not passing out. There are non-alcoholic alternatives to beer. lager, and wine, and no need to punish yourself for the sake of a celebration.


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