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Regular B12 injections

My husband is at last getting regular B12 injections thanks to our wonderful practice nurse, she herself suffers from B12 deficiency so understands what it is like. He has been having injections 3 times a week for the past 3weeks and is feeling so much better, and is continuing this next week, don't know why some doctors won't do this for patients with this deficiency . My husband prior to this was almost losing the will to live as he felt so bad as lots of people do with this problem.

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That's amazing Edna11 and I'm so pleased for your husband.

Sadly I had the opposite experience some six years ago when a nurse refused to give me an injection three weeks after the previous one because my prescription read "Cyanocobalamin 1000mcg injection every four weeks". She reported me to my doctor who "called me in" and steadfastly refused to change the frequency.

I was diagnosed with P.A. back in 1972 so by the time this happened in 2010 I'd been getting regular four weekly B12 injections for about 38 years and I'd long before begun to notice a return of some symptoms in the run up to the next jab and previously had "got away with" the occasional three week one "when I felt the need" but this time I'd been "caught out"

I'm not critical of the nurse as, after all, she was doing her job correctly, but when I tried to explain my symptoms to the doctor he laughed in my face and said "It can't be the P.A. because you are having the injections"

Well, long story short, I then joined the Pernicious Anaemia Society and soon discovered that I was not "the only one in the world who felt the need of more frequent injections", went back to my "one size fits all" doctor and I now get my cyano every three weeks and my prescription reads "As directed".

I hope your husband continues to feel the benefit of the injections.


Great news that your husband has an understanding practice nurse.

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Hi Edna - I don't know either, but I do know the difference in my husband is pretty amazing! in particular the depressive/anxiety side of things. He has not needed to take the anti-depressants she prescribed along with the jabs as within 2 weeks it was gone with the jabs alone.

How many people are being treated for mental issues I wonder who simply are low on B12?

I'm so pleased your husband is feeling so much better!!


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