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The PAS 10th anniversary conference : only a few tickets left!

Saturday 10 December 2016

from 9.00 – 16.00

in the Burlington Hotel in BirminghamThe Conference aims to:

1. Update members on the Research Programmes that the society is involved with.

2. Allow the Lead Researchers of the various Research Programmes to meet our members.

3. Allow the Lead Researchers of Research Programmes to meet other Lead Researchers to share ideas and experiences.

4. Provide the opportunity for future Researchers to recruit research participants.

5. Allow members of the society to register for future research programmes.

6. Provide members with information on alternative treatment regimens.

7. Provide members with advice and guidance on Employment and Education issues from exhibitors at the conference.

8. Provide a forum for members to meet other members and exchange information on coping strategies, share experiences and gain other useful information.

All information, tickets and the full speaker-list can be found on our website here: pernicious-anaemia-society....

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