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Resuming B12 injections - advice please



Thank you for your prompt replies to my last question - they were most gratefully received.

WIth regards to my hubby having NOT had any B12 injections for 12 months and feeling shockingly tired and poorly I am booking him in for an injection tomorrow.


Can he resume to have the normal dose injection


Does he have to start again with the smaller more frequent doses.

His levels are in the 600s

diabetic type 2 metformin


Thank you kindly

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I'm would ask for a repeat of the loading doses. Couldn't do any harm.

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Sorry my reply has dropped by. A box


Trying to get in with the nurse without the doctor finding out and putting a stop to it. I hope she can do loading doses without his consent as there will be nothing on file requesting it. Thank you

Gambit62Administrator in reply to Hidden

unless it was on repeat prescription the nurse isn't going to be able to do anything unfortunately. She'll have to find a GP to sign it off and they may not be willing to do so.

There may be a bit of hoo-hah about it being unnecessary if his levels are 600 because that is 'normal range' so you may need to go armed with some of the information on treatment from the pinned posts and probably would be wise to consider joining the PAS

see Martyn's blog from a week or two ago

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Thank you all again for your advice, fortunately the nor did not question hubby having the B12 injection. She spoke to him about how he was feeling and said you should feel better soon, wished him well and said she'll see him in a few weeks - so I am feeling quite relieved.

Gambit62Administrator in reply to Hidden

glad it went okay - looks like he probably has repeat prescriptions for B12 on his medical records ... and the GP didn't take them off - just gave the impression that it shouldn't be happening.

Hope it continues.

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GP gave us the impression too that these were no longer needed and at the time hubby was quite happy and thought he was better. Very happy at the outcome though

clivealiveForum Support

Hidden What is your husband's folate level? Can you ask for that to be checked?

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I think we requested b12, folate and ferritin and we have an appt with the nurse at 1.30pm today (booked in for b12 injection). I will check the results whilst there and pray she gives him the injection without questioning it. If she does I am taking my iPad with print screened information for her to show the GP. Than you again for your input - fingers crossed


Might be helpful to see if he's had a full blood count recently. Macrocytosis (enlarged red blood cells) can be a sign of low B12 and/or low folate.

I take a copy of "BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines" and a copy of the summary of B12 documents fbirder compiled to appts. Link to his summary in third pinned post or on his profile page.

Hope appt went well.

You should be able to get printed copies of blood results, will probably be a small charge per sheet or your surgery may have online access for patients to a summary of your medical records.

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