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I've had pa for years I'm a member of pa society but after reading something on here I would welcome your advice, I self inject perhaps weekly but now and then I've been doing it daily and when I have done it daily my ibs seems better (I'm suffering badly with it and been in a 'flare' for almost a year) so do you think doing injections daily is really helping my ibs and perhaps flooding my body with it would actually help it? I had all the tests etc so there is nothing else going on, just before this ibs flare I had gastroenteritis 3 times thanks

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I'm not sure I can actually answer your question of whether B12 helps in improving IBS but am glad that it does 🙂

I tend to think it may be the other way round as many researchers believe that leaky gut/intestinal problems are at the root of many autoimmune diseases. I believe this is at the bottom of all our own family autoimmune issues.

My own experience has been that, since avoiding gluten and taking daily spoonfuls of Biona organic sauerkraut from the local health food shop (better than any other probiotic I'd tried), IBS and other painful digestive symptoms greatly improved or disappeared. Hopefully, this is healing the microvilli in my digestive system and I'm no longer on PPIs, etc. which, as you probably know, deplete and contribute to B12 deficiency.

I hope this link (bottom of the page - Dr Marc Ryan's description of the microvilli/autoimmune connection) clarifies how leaky gut leads to lack of absorption of all essential nutrients, including B12.


Thankyou I will certainly look into this


IBS is a syndrome - that means its a label for a group of symptoms that could have a number of causes.

For me B12 has certainly improved acid reflux.

There are also links between B12 deficiency and problems with bowel movements and nobody is quite sure how that works - as B12 affects the nervous system it could be down to the effects on the autonomic system - meaning that signals in the brain get scrambled and mis-interpreted meaning that you feel the need to go to the loo at more frequently/less frequently than you otherwise would.

I certainly find that adenosyl cobalamin has a noticeable impact on my bladder control.


Wouldn't it be great if we could find the links to help us improve our health Thankyou for your reply

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Interesting. I was wondering the same as my 23 year old daughter , who also has ibs has , also noticed her condition has improved ++ with 3000 mcg daily methylcobolamin SL. (This is a Dutch brand- Flinndal. She found Jarrow made her ibs worse:( My mum also found Jarrow made her ibs worse too) As they both have very low B12 with lots of multi system symptoms I was wondering about injections for them both. Do you mind telling me where you get your injections from?

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