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PAS Conference Train TIckets

Just a warning for people planning on travelling to Brum by train in December. Special rate train tickets go on sale 12 weeks before the journey date. That's tomorrow for those planning on travelling on the Friday (9th) and this weekend for return journeys (special offers are only for single tickets.

I'm planning on bagging a couple of bargain-bucket 1st class seats for Friday and Sunday.

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oh thank you for that info... see you there!


yea¬ I got a ticket for £16. thanks,

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And I'm going up First Class for £44 - which ain't bad from the South Coast.

Just waiting for them to have cheapo tickets for the home journey. I'm thinking I may forgo First Class as it'll be on the Sunday.


do you know when cheapo tickets for the home journey will be up? otherwise I will have to stay in Birmingham......................


I'm afraid I don't know. But the outward journeys were only there from today, for me. So I'm hoping that they'll be there within the next couple of days.

Otherwise I'll be walking home.