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Hi All

As I have not been diagnosed by any doctors as being b12 deficient, and as my doctors will not entertain the fact that I maybe, even with all the symptoms, is it worth me getting a uMMA test done privately and if so where can I get one done in the UK without a doctors referral letter (my doctor is not going provide any referral letters full stop).

And if there is somewhere to get the test done, do I need to stop self medicating for a period of time before doing the test?

I should get my new supplies today or tomorrow from Germany of Hydroxocobalamin , but currently taking b12 sublingual tabs in the meantime as had run out. So once I start doing my loading doses again, do I need to stop for a period of time before I do the test.

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Reading your previous post, you have just taken onboard bucket loads of methyl so not sure any test at this time will give you the answers you are looking for. But conversely do you want to have to wait it out to maybe get your level down to give you that answer. As you will have seen from other posts even trying to do that doesnt guarantee an affirmative answer.

Perhaps you should be forcing your gp to find out what is causing the symptoms if not b12d. People do not get these for no apparent reason surely. Are you able to see another dr within the practice who might be more 'listening'?


I have picked up forms to transfer to another surgery, so shall complete these over the weekend so hopefully another practice will be more understanding/knowledgeable/openminded


Fingers crossed, lets hope its not a frying pan, fire situation.


To be honest it really cannot be any worse, as my doctor is not even investigating any of my symptoms any further at all.

I had a xray done on my leg/hips when I complained that my leg was aching and couldn't walk properly (18 months or so ago), and that was clear and told nothing wrong

Said I was short of breath, they gave me an inhaler, and when I said that made no difference, did lung capacity test thing, and said nothing wrong

And now just keeps saying 'everything I am experiencing is because I am no longer 18 I am getting older, look in the mirror you can see I am fit and healthy'.

So hoping I can make an appointment at new doctors and say, can I go through all my symptoms and then try and work out what is wrong from there, as currently doctor just talks over me and is not listening to anything I try and say, and when I took matters into my own hand and had the bluecrest wellness check done, he was so annoyed, it was like I was questioning his abilities as a doctor.

It really is frightening all the things I have been reading, where there are lots of other people in the same situation, banging their heads against a brick wall, and there are probably so many other people, that really think there are other things wrong with them (ie like I thought I had heart failure, and even in the back of my mind possibly MS), it really was by chance I found this forum and b12d site, through hours of trawling trying to work out what is wrong.

You would think, when something as simple as treating for B12 deficiency which really is inexpensive and safe, that as a matter of course the NHS as a whole would want to go down the road of treating for this first to see if makes a difference, and then looking at other routes of treatment/conditions etc, if that doesn't work, really seems ludicrous

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If there were financial rewards for diagnosing PA , like surgeries get for many other diseases , maybe it would be different ? There would certainly be more interest in PA then !!


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