Thanks for all your advice everyone. Today I got my first B12 injection after telling gp I'd read current local b12 protocol and asked his reasoning for not treating me.He still took yet more blood as he feels there is something strange going on at the lab , but I pointed out all 3 results are below treatable levels and can't all be wrong,he then decided to give me the jab and I'm back for more later in week. My mood has already lifted probably due to knowing some has been done.😃

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  • Good to know you have started treatment and the relief of just having them give you the initial jab has probably lowered stress and anxiety levels.

  • That's excellent news Wongy215. It's often very difficult to challenge GP's and stand your ground so you've done an excellent job.

    I've now read two success stories in a row....brilliant uplifting way to close the day (well, my day anyway) 😀.

    Hope you begin to feel much better soon. Please let us know how it goes x

  • Well done, wongy215! So happy you are being treated! Your logic way out logicked (I just made that word up) the GP's! :-)

  • My mood was the first thing to improve too, and it is the first sign that I'm due for my injection again. When I become tearful and irritable I know I have low B12 levels again!

  • Feel like a miracle is happening only one shot and I woke up with my legs straight .....and no pain also can bend them a little further than before. Either I'm having a very good day or its having some effect already.a long way to go but positI've signs 😃

  • Can I ask what is the current local b12 protocol and how do you find that out?

    Many thanks

  • Can I ask what is the current b12 protocol and how do you find this out?

    Many thanks

  • I'm in East Riding so Googled b12 protocol for area and downloaded it.worked wonders to quote at gp.😃

  • Many thanks what was the level please?

  • Our area apparently uses different scale 115 -1000 is considered normal, but protocol says anything under 150 should be treated is symptoms are evident. My last blood was 144 and he wasn't going to treat until I pointed this out.I must say only on day 2 and I can feel massive difference and getting second jab tonight.

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