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What else can I do???

I really feel at the end of my tether

I'm on injections every other day (just had 9th) due to severe neurological issues, take a 5000mg solgar sublingual which im crushing in yogurt to ferment, Berocca, vit d and feroglobin daily. I also have thyroid issues and waiting to see specialist but I seem to be going downhill rapidly, legs are now lead weights that don't want to move and I'm exhausted all the time. This has all happened in 5 weeks!! Felt fine apart from tired them wham!!

Any tips or suggestions to aid my recovery as starting to feel very down and weepy

Starting hydrotherapy Thursday (if I can get in the pool) so hope that builds up some strength


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Personally, I'd recommend stopping the sublinguals, because you get already enough B12 in injections, but also because crushing them on food makes them pretty useless. Sublinguals work because the B12 does not pass the stomach, by crushing them on food it goes via the stomach where we don't absorb B12. It might be that it's just all a bit much. Maybe try to see how it goes without sublingauls and without the Berocca. As said before it's 'normal' you can feel worse while on the loading dose. Take enough rest and try not to force things. And if you feel so bad, have a talk with your GP as well maybe.


It may just be early days, there may be another issue, you may need more B12 or possibly your B12 isn't working properly, possibly because you need what is non-scientifically known as "the cofactors required to metabolise it".

The Solgar sublinguals are good but "sublingual" roughly means "under your tongue" and for them to work you have to put one under your tongue and keep it there until it has slowly dissolved and been absorbed into your blood stream through the fine membranes in the lower part of your mouth. This takes several minutes - the longer the better.

You are likely to need a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement (Tesco's A-Z multivitamins and minerals is comprehensive and not expensive) plus extra folate (up to 5mg/day and whilst folic acid should do the trick, this may need to be as methylfolate or folinic acid), potassium and magnesium, maybe iron. I also need a wide range of amino acids from my diet, including specifically pork and fish.

For more information, including sources of supplies, you could look up my profile and see my post, "My Experiences" and other replies to previous posts.

If all of the above doesn't work then you probably ought to investigate other possibilities.

I hope you find a solution soon! x


I'd never heard of folinic acid, so I looked it up. Apparently it's as good a source of methylfolate as is folic acid. But some people have problems with inhibition of the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase by the drug methotrexate. This supplement doesn't require DHFR so is a good idea for people taking methotrexate.

Other than that I can see no good reason why one might want to pay 2 to 5 times as much cash for it compared to folic acid.

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