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Dear all

This is my fists post on PAS.

I have an under active thyroid which was discovered in February - not yet controlled but I'm working on it! Taking levothyroxine 100 mcg.

I recently had Vit b12 tested which was 224 in a range of 180-900. within range so signed off as normal by the GP.

I have many symptoms which I've had for a long time now, which I believe (at least some) are due to low b12 (I know there will be crossover symptoms with hypothyroidism)

In no particular order:

Fatigue (no matter how much sleep and rest)

Inability to exercise (breathless, muscle cramps)


Depression, very weepy. Irritable

Numb sensation in finger tips

Electric shock sensation through top of head and body, often accompanied by flashes of dizziness

Total brain fog. Forgetful

Lost all sense of urgency

Crept up on me that I no longer want to plan social occasions as I never know if I'm going to be up to it. This one really did sneak in, I haven't socialised regularly for about 2 years

Tinnitus (high pitched and actually now becoming unbearable)

Plantar fasciitis and other various body aches (shoulders and back mainly and sometimes knees)

Pale and sallow skin

Dry skin and hair

Ridges on nails, and weak nails

I decided, on reading and research, that I would go straight for injections. (Qualified nurse longer practicing.... But self injecting not a problem)! I don't fancy IM

injections so went for methylcobalamin as that can be injected subcutaneous.

I ordered it from Oxford bioscences (saline from Getmany)

I gave myself the first injection, 1mg, yesterday and will do that every other day until I feel better.

how soon do people generally start to see improvement in symptoms?

Sorry if this is badly written, maybe stilted - total brain fog so very hard to stay focussed.

Thank you if you've got this far

Lu xx

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You don't need methylcobalamin for SC administration. Some people believe that you can't use hydroxocobalamin SC because the packaging and Patient Information Leaflet only mention IM. But that's because it's only licensed for IM in the UK (and methyl isn't licensed at all).

If you buy your hydroxo online from Germany then you'll see that the packaging and PIL all say that it's OK for SC as well as IM. And you can buy proper, sterile, single-dose ampoules rather than risking contamination by making it up yourself.

Some symptoms improve fairly quickly (I stopped getting pursued by the Black Dog so often pretty quickly) others may take a long time. clivealive will tell you that there are still some symptoms after 40-something years.


Thank you so much for that information.

Liked on Amazon and see you can buy the ampoules on there (also methylcobalamin but only at 5000mcg)

Much cheaper too.

I know what you mean re mixing and risk of contamination. I was so keen to get started with treatment as desperate to get well.

We live and learn.

Many thanks



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