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Metal taste in mouth !!!

Good Afternoon Everyone, weather very changeable, one minute sunny next minute cloudy. I've two questions :-

First question is, I keep getting a metal taste in my mouth, it's horrible. I thought it was my teeth so clean them about 3 times but the metal taste is still there. It's been happening for a couple of weeks. It was happening on and off but I've had the metal taste in my mouth for a couple of days now and I'm just wondering whether everyone any advice about it.

Second question is, are there any get togethers in North Wales as I would love to meet up with people. ☺

Ps my back is really bad today so I think rain is on the way. 😢

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There is a Support Group in North Wales: pernicious-anaemia-society....

Did you change anything in medication or supplements a couple of weeks ago maybe? Some medication and some supplements can give a metalic taste.


Thank you for your reply. Where in North Wales is it situated? ??? Also I started taking Gabapentin and Folic Acid last week. Will the metal taste go away eventually? ????☺


Click on the link ;)

If you are a member, login and you see the contact details of the coordinator who can tell you exactly where and what and when.

Folic acid doesn't give that taste, Gabapentin might, you can check the leaflet.

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