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Does dental anaesthetic mess up B12?

I was half way through my loading dose of B12 for PA and doing OK...brain fog leaving, breathing better, pins and needles decreasing...until last Tuesday when I had to go to the dentist for a filling. The dentist injected me with what seemed like a huge dose. I was fine that day, except for a stiff face, but the following morning felt dreadful, with all the symptoms returning. I felt as if I had gone back to square one. I am not much better a few days later, Friday. Just out and out droopy again.

I have read that a general anaesthetic can mess things up, but has anyone experienced this with a dental one? Can I do anything or must I just live through it?

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The only anaesthetic that messes up B12 is laughing gas. But some people react strongly to some dental anaesthetic. I get a special one cause the normal one makes me ill. Have a talk with your dentist next time you need it.


This is a link to the NHS choices page on local anaesthetics - which provides a list of common side effects


I can also have bad reactions to dental anaesthetics - but haven't noticed one in the last few years. One extraction nearly had me passing out in the dental surgery - had to sit quietly for a while before I felt I was in a position to drive home - and even then I felt very dodgy. Sometimes the reaction came on much later - several hours later.

If you can, mention it to the dentist concerned.


Thanks for that Gambit. I didn't know there was such a page. I will mention it next time I go.

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Is stress a possibility? I have heard that stress can use up a lot of B12 and then your symptoms can get worse, and to be honest I don't know anyone who doesn't get at least a little stressed at the dentist . Best wishes


Possibly, Pitney. I used to be terrified of dentists because of trauma in the chair as a child, but I got over that with the very gentle dentists in the US. I was more concerned about being late and missing my appointment...again!


Just ask at the dentist what is/was used. That way you will actually know for sure.


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