Phantom drops of water on shin, arm. Symptom?

I haven't been diagnosed w PA, but tests showed as soon as I stopped supplementing b12 my levels were falling like a stone and I had symptoms (numbness, foot pain, restless legs, tinnitus). A private doctor offered a b12 injection and I thought, hmm, I can do that myself, so I got info via the b12d site. I did the loading dose + doing monthly (subcutaneous) injections for about a year now. Also have lichen planus and am on ldn and levo/liothyronine for Hashi's.

I've had a recurring feeling of a drop of cold water on my bare right shin, exactly like if you were wearing shorts and dripped a single drop of cold water on your shin. Often it will happen somewhere (on the street or in the kitchen) where I might have trod in a puddle or dripped water on myself, so I look down to find my leg thoroughly covered in my dry trouser leg and/or sock and no water to be found. It happens a few times then goes away for a while.

Today the same thing happened on my right arm, below the elbow, as I'm sitting on the sofa typing.

Is this a thing? :-) Anyone else have it? Benign neuro phantom or important symptom I should bring to the gp?

I googled it and it could be an early symptom of peripheral neuropathy - ? But not much other info.

Thanks in advance. :-)

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  • Yes I get that too. I just put that down to neuropathy as well. Only on my legs and face so far. I did have a spate of feeling as if a hairdryer was being blown on my shins, so hot, but of course nothing there. One of the joys of low b12!

  • I occasionally get that symptom. For me it usually feels like a drop of cold water on my head. When my B12 level is good, most of my symptoms go away. I've been fortunate that my B12 level has been kept at a good place for the past year, so I've not experienced that symptom lately.

    I've always thought that it was benign (but annoying!), so I've never bothered a doctor about it. If you find it alarming, you might want to mention it the next time you have an appointment.

  • I have had this symptom for years, although I was only diagnosed with PA this year. In the past, I was sent to neuro, and they didn't find anything. I totally understand being concerned, and I sometimes hid the symptom thinking I was going bats feeling water in my hair and dripping down my legs. Mention it to your doc when you go next time. Just know that not all docs are aware of this symptom.

  • I've had this intermittently - calves and face, backs of hands. I do think it's neuropathic in origin but as it hasn't persisted for more than a week or two, I haven't worried about it.

  • Thanks so much for all the replies!

    I have never approached a doctor about b12 (had one private doc who was sympathetic and informed but no others) but have had symptoms for many years. The thing is I have just injected, maybe a week ago - ? There was maybe a longer-than-normal gap between last two injections, but hard to imagine I'd have 'run out' within a week or two...

    Glad to hear no one knows this to be anything but an odd or annoying tic.

    Thanks again. :-)

  • I get this, on my arm, like a rain drop when im in the car its most noticable as no open windows etc.

  • I've had the same for quite long periods and I'd feel my leg to wipe the non existant water away!! I also sometimes felt I could feel heat near me and I would check the radiator to see if it was on!!! It wasn't and I actually knew it wasn't but it felt so real. Lots of odd symptoms like that but they come and go, rise and fall then a new one comes along.

  • I'm not a medically qualified person so I wonder why you are "doing monthly (subcutaneous) injections" whereas the recommended Treatment of cobalamin deficiency


    "Current clinical practice within the U.K is to treat cobalamin deficiency with hydroxocobalamin in the intramuscular form outlined in the British National Formulary, BNF,

    Standard initial therapy for patients without neurological involvement is 1000 μg intramuscularly (i.m.) three times a week for two weeks.

    The BNF advises that patients presenting with neurological symptoms should receive 1000 μg i.m. on alternative days until there is no further improvement.

    However, the GWG recommends a pragmatic approach in patients with neurological symptoms by reviewing the need for continuation of alternative day therapy after three weeks of treatment "

    Or are you using Methylcobalamin?

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