dry hair with flaky scalp

anyone else find that their hair is like straw with no shine? I've always had dry hair and its also curly. If I use conditioner i find it just causes my scalp to be flaky. Does anyone recommend any types of shampoo and conditioner or possible supplements. I already take the B12 co-factors. i'm on 3 monthly injections which i don't think are enough but that's another subject.

Many thanks

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  • I empathise shipscat - had the same problem with conditioner when hair deteriorated badly after a bout of illness - went thin and dry with itchy scalp. Improving now but still hard to tame so I only use a minute amount of conditioner and run a little coconut oil through to tame when drying. Don't use coconut oil before putting any colour on though!

    I also took Biotin and a high strength multivitamin & minerals. I think it's all helped as hair has thickened up again but it can take some time.

  • Has your Calcium been checked? I've been advised my D and C were too low so I have been supplementing for 18 months and my hair has, at last, made an improvement - it was always very fine. Best get it checked by blood test.

  • My hair was thinning out and was very dry and blah until I got my ferritin & B12 levels up. Those 2 things really helped. My hair has thickened up and it's not nearly as dry as it once was. Good luck! Hair Can be such a pain. :-)

  • Hi, can I de-lurk and suggest using your conditioner first? I put mine on dry hair, leave it for a couple of minutes, then lather with shampoo and rinse twice. It works for me!

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