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I need a rant- B12 ranges In same area!!Please help

So I'm seen as deficient on private test 157.4 (191-663), did GP test (at 4pm 4 days late- didn't realise about fasting!) and got result 180 which is fine apparently my surgery starting point is 110!! however my friend has just been tested diagnosed and starting b12 her level was 150 with range of 196-771 being used- I would like to point out the travel difference is 2.8 miles- How is this even possible???!!! What do I do next? as my symptoms are pretty bad- exhaustion/pins and needles in legs/burning in arms/swollen tongue. I'm feeling really helpless and starting to lose faith in my GP surgery-any advice big or small is massively appreciated. Thanks for your time

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There are a few possibilities.

One is the use of different units. Some use pg/mL (or the equivalent ng/L). Others use pmol/L. 100 pmol/L is about 113 pg/ml.

Different assays, or the same assay performed on different machines will have different 'normal' ranges.

Then there's the fact that the assay isn't too consistent. If your true value was 150 then the assay could give a result anywhere between 130 and 170!

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My level was 116 and the bottom level in my area is110ng/l. So I was said to be within the normal range!!.

The 2.8 miles depends whether you are within the same Clinical Commissioning Group area, who as far as I am aware would commission the tests.

I gave my GP a copy of the relevant part of the national guidelines which quotes 200 as the bottom level, though even that is too low, and told him I was afraid that the neurological symptoms I was experiencing (numb and tingling toes and feet) were permanent. He gave me 2 wks of loading injections, but I am still going to have to fight to get more and my feet are still numb.

There are others who can quote the relevant bits, I am no good at putting links.


autoimmunekate move surgeries?? Would that be feasible??


Yes I think this is what I will have to do, as I feel so poorly and disheartened with treatment from my GP, Ive rang up for a copy of my results today and they said they would get back to me as they need to check with my doctor first? odd


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