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Can't stop bleeding

Morning everyone, as usually weather is awful and the garden needs doing. 😡Firstly sorry all you men on here but I've a woman's question to ask.

A couple of years ago the doc refused to give me anymore depot injections as he said they don't give to over 50's. For the next couple of years nothing so I was made up, no more monthly. Then they came back at Christmas but very light then nothing until last week when OMG it was like a flood had happened.

My problem is its just pure blood and no clotting, its like someone has just turn the tap on and left it running. I've never had a monthly like it before and wonder whether this is normal. I fainted over the weekend while I was out doing some shopping, I felt so embassed, left my shopping and headed home. I'm seeing a consultant haematologist in Aug so could I wait and mention then or could I make an emergency appointment at the docs ????

Any advice would be welcomed ☺

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Emergency appointment.

I'm a bloke, so inexperienced in these matters .But anything unusual - especially if it involves unusual loss of blood - I would treat as urgent.


Sounds like my last stand at the monthlies! It went beserk for a couple of days, flooding everything! This happened a couple of times, Then nothing. Only after effect of that was i was still getting hot flushes. My gp told me some people do for up to fifteen years later! I know now from the lovely ladies on here that it might well have been the lack of b12 which didnt help the severe boil ups i was having.

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Agree with Fbirder...good call...emergency appointment (I'm a non-bloke, by the way).

Any bleeding following the menopause (classed as 12 consecutive months with no bleeding) should be investigated. Fresh bleeding heavy enough to cause you to collapse should be investigated immediately.

Your GP will (should) arrange for you to be seen, by a specialist, within two weeks (as per guidelines). And you will probably have to have a hysteroscopy/biopsy to see what's going on.

Try not to worry too much...this type of bleeding can be caused by many things (polyps, endometriosis, fibroids, coeliac disease, hyper/hypothyroidism etc. etc), and not just the things that cause us to think 'scary'!

This happened to me and it turned out to be fibroids, which settled down of their own accord.

But it does need sorting quickly.

Take care and let us know how you get on xx



If I were you I would make an appointment at your nearest family planning clinic.They are the experts.GPs just skim over this bit!

You may have a walk in clinic near you so get down there as soon as possible.

It may be quicker than making an appointment to see your GP.

Good luck and let us know what happens x


Post-meno bleeding - more than two years after your last period - definitely needs investigating a.s.a.p. The most likely causes are benign, though they may well affect your health in other ways, e.g. hypothyroidism, polyps etc.

I had a fairly early menopause, thanks to long-running endocrine problems, but I'm sorry to tell you that hot flushes can go on for years!


Yes, flushes going on for years! and don't I know it Hillwoman


My last period had a twenty four hour spell that was pretty much as you describe - was changing pad every hour or so - at which point I took some artificial progesterone which was the only thing I could think of that would stop it (though took a very low dose as it totally knocks out my B12) - but I'm not post-menopause.

You do need to go and see GP - hope you managed to get an appointment during the day - they should give you an referral to a local women's unit specialist who will look into all the possibilities.

In terms of standard mensturation - heavy periods can actually be a sign of anaemia - which then just makes things worse as you get more and more anaemic as a result of the loss of iron.

I have a friend who hasn't been through menopause and had similar bleed last year - she fainted at the surgery and was admitted as an emergency to the local specialist unit - where she was given a blood transfusion - is okay now though does still have some iron problems.

Confused by the statement about depot injections and being over 50. What exactly were these injections for - sorry for being a bit dense.


Hi Gambit. A depot injection is one that deposits drugs in a localised mass via IM or SC injection (more usually IM). The active compound in the drug is then released over a long period of time, in a consistent way.

I used to have these (depo provera) as a means of birth control 😀😀


I had this a years ago when my thyroid was Hypo. Have you had your thyroid checked. It was horrible, I was out and it started and I was stuck in a shopping centre toilet for 2 hours just letting it bleed into the toilet. I thought I was going to die, very scary. Have you thyroid check for hypothyroid if you haven't already.


I wouldn't wait till August....see your doctor x


Good advice from everyone above Bentleyboo

Personally, I always found the herb Agnes Castus amazingly effective for any female problem and wished I'd discovered it years ago.

"Vitex agnus-castus is used to alleviate symptoms of various gynecological problems. All evidence is limited to standardised controlled extracts such as used in Germany, different extracts or herbal mixes may have significantly different properties and safety issues. Some of the modern uses include premenstrual syndrome, abnormal uterine bleeding disorders and mastodynia.

Good evidence and safety exists for these uses:[20] "


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