Caution against attributing symptoms to B12 alone

Hi all I just wanted to urge caution against attributing symptoms of breathlessness, fatigue and dizziness to low b12. I have low b12 and Vit D both of which can result in these symptoms. My breathlessness seemed to ease following b12 loading doses which I'd requested as a trial but didn't stay away for long. Thankfully GP had also referred me for an echocardiogram after noticing a murmur when examining me (I didn't think much of it as I had one when pregnant 15 years ago). The scan has picked up an undiagnosed ASD (hole in the heart) and I'm now waiting for another appointment with cardio to find out what happens next (most likely an op to repair). Please don't just assume these symptoms are all down to b12d as all the b12 injections in the world wouldn't have fixed this.

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  • Very good point. It is easy to become obsessed by B12- I know I have!

    Glad your GP got to root of your problem and all the very best for a speedy recovery.

  • Wishing you the best x

  • Agreed Cooper74. I've not only had P.A. for at least 45 years, but last year was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and this year with Vitamin D Deficiency, the symptoms of both of which can "mirror" those of low B12 plus I'm 75 years of age so I guess "these things are sent to try us" as the saying goes.

    Whilst not happy that you will probably need heart surgery I hope everything will go well

  • glad that the problem was identified and hope repair goes well.

    true that there shoukd ve wariness of attributing all to B12 - particularly given that there can often be more than one thing going on.

  • You've made a very good point! So glad your doctors have identified the problem and best wishes for a good outcome. :-)

  • Thanks for the warning Cooper74. Just goes to show how very complex health problems can be.

    Thank goodness your GP was 'on-the-ball' and picked it up.

    I wish you the best best of luck and a speedy return to better health.

    Take care and let us know how it goes xx

  • Glad you GP sent you for the echocardiogram, I wish they were all that proactive. Sometimes they just look for the quickest solution. Good luck with getting it sorted.

  • I was very breathless and thought it was related to B12 as I had neurological symptoms and my GP had said I definitely wasn't anaemic. I was diagnosed with a paralysed diaphragm, the result of an accident 3 yrs ago, but usually manageable without any other problems. I could barely walk anywhere without severe breathlessness. Registrar in the Respiratory unit fortunately decided to do a blood test and was on the phone the next day to get me in for a blood transfusion. I had a haemoglobin count of 6(normal is at least 12). I am taking iron tablets.

    I still have neurological problems and have had loading injections, but the breathlessness and feeling someone had tied lead weights to my arms and legs has gone. Unfortunately there are so many symptoms which can be B12, but can also be other things. I spent years being told I had IBS, and in fact had a rare hernia. It is easy to get stuck in thinking everything is related to one thing, but some symptoms can be indicative of a range of things.

  • Amen I read too many groups, one large one on FB in particular who shoot down comments by people suggesting it could be something else. There are so many deficiencies and diseases that can cause similar issues.

    Don't get me wrong B12 helped ALOT but my depression did not clear until I started high dose magnesium.

    Also thyroid conditions can mimic b12 problems.

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