Good News

Good news (for once). I saw a haematologist. I have just had a copy of a letter sent to my gp saying tests show I should have b12 injections every 3-4 weeks. SO with all my fighting I have gone from 3 months - 9 weeks - 4 weeks and now I shall agitate for every three weeks. And tomorrow I see a neurologist because my symptoms of pain in feet and legs are so bad.... who knows I might even get the frequency down another week! Watch this post......

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  • Well done. I do like these occasional success stories.

  • Great news and shows the value of perseverance. I'm sure it gives some people hope.

    If you want another good news story. See this link from martyn Hooper's blog about someone who has managed to get a daily injection....

  • Great news. Very pleased for you.

  • That's fantastic. Just had them prescribed myself due to fighting. It will be interesting to see what happens after my loading doses. :-)

  • Brilliant and well done!

  • Congratulations and well done jillc39. I hope you start seeing a rapid improvement in your symptoms soon.

  • Go Jill! Well done. The power of the PA sufferer in action. Keep us posted.

  • Hi Jillc39. Wow. That's really good news! Well done. Hope you start to feel much better very soon 💉💉💉😀

  • How wonderful! A successful story amidst so many people saying they're being told they can't have the injections they need. Well done.

  • Well done so pleased for you

  • Bloody brilliant! Go you :)

    Think I'll have a gin and tonic to celebrate.

  • great news!

  • Awesome news! Well done and congrats Jillc32! :-)

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