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Are prenatal vitamins okay to take if not pregnant?

Are prenatal vitamins okay to take if not pregnant?

I was wanting these and didn't find anything bad in them. I like that they have WAY less b vitamins in them vs my other vegan multis. I know too much b is very bad to take and these have a lot less. I also like the folic acid and iron levels. I know healthy people that aren't pregnant shouldn't take them but I am far from healthy! Thoughts?

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The general consensus is the any sort of multivitamin doesn't contain enough of anything top help if you're suffering from a deficiency and if you're not suffering from a deficiency, you're making expensive urine. Most of the ingredients in these vitamins are the cheapest, synthetic forms and it's got modified cellulose as a filler. Personally, I wouldn't touch them.

This is, however, just my opinion ;)


Well that was my concern. No one needs 4,000 times the b vitamins other than b12 ya know? And the b12 in all multis I've seen is cyano which I'm injecting myself with anyway. And since we're anemic we hve to take synthetic pills too and we don't have a choice like folic acid and iron. This one has a lot of both and since I'm very anemic I need that amount of iron and more. Idk just something I was pondering. The folic acid and iron are cheap forms too. Ideally healthy food is where we get it but if we're sick and not absorbing I'd think a multi plus a couple extra supplements would be okay. There were organic forms of this vitamin but in a womens daily.. maybe it would be best

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Er, every single one of those B-vitamins is at 100% of the Daily Value - or more.

If you want something with less B-vitamins then you could try Tesco Multi-vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin A800.0µg (100% of NRV)-

Vitamin C80.0mg (100% of NRV)-

Vitamin D10.0µg (200% of NRV)-

Vitamin E12.0mg (100% of NRV)-

Thiamin (Vitamin B1)1.1mg (100% of NRV)-

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)1.4mg (100% of NRV)-

Niacin16.0mg (100% of NRV)-

Vitamin B61.4mg (100% of NRV)-

Folic Acid200.0µg (100% of NRV)-

Vitamin B122.5µg (100% of NRV)-

Biotin50.0µg (100% of NRV)-

Pantothenic Acid6.0mg (100% of NRV)-

Calcium200.0mg (25% of NRV)-

Iron14.0mg (100% of NRV)-

Magnesium100.0mg (27% of NRV)-

Zinc10.0mg (100% of NRV)-

Iodine150.0µg (100% of NRV)-

Selenium55.0µg (100% of NRV)-

Copper1.0mg (100% of NRV)-

Manganese2.0mg (100% of NRV)-

Chromium40.0µg (100% of NRV)-

Vitamin K75.0µg (100% of NRV)-

Molybdenum50.0µg (100% of NRV)-

Add an individual folate acid tablet and you should be there.


Thank you for that. Yeah the one I listed has significantly less b than the super b complex or the vegan multi had an absurd amount of b vitamins! Over 3 thousand percent more!



Most of the B vitamins are fine because they're water soluble. But B6 can be a problem if a lot is taken for a long time.

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That's what I was worried about :) so I'm not taking the vegan multi anymore and just trying the prenatal at least a month until the bottle is gone. Maybe the super b complex once a week or something.


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