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Waiting to panic

I should feel more panicked than I currently do. I finished off the last dose in my current vial yesterday. I contacted my naturopath last week about ordering more, but I haven't heard back from her yet. I'm on weekly injections and they've been working so well that I had even been thinking about stretching out time between injections (although I hadn't made the leap to try to do that yet). So I feel fine at the moment, but I have no idea when I'll be able to get more B12 or how long the feeling fine part will last.

The fact that I'm not panicking sort of seems like proof that it's been working well for the past year, but it's also a bizarre catch 22 where finally achieving the goal of getting proper treatment results in feeling so well that I don't feel like I actually need it anymore. I realize that will change once the symptoms come back. I guess I'll panic then.

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My ups and downs are within hours rather than a week but I know exactly what you mean. Odd, isn't it?

When my B12 and cofactors are well balanced I feel like I am permanently cured and totally forget there is anything wrong with me. If I then take everything (which I don't feel like doing - if I remember!) I can stay good but if I don't (I forget) I crash in about 4 hours and it takes about 12 hours of extra cofactor intake to feel good again!

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