Hi There my name is Vernon Otto and I am the Director of IntraVita Ltd. I have noticed some comments in the forum and I would like to highlight some facts. First of all you can legally buy/sell MethylCobalamin, Hydroxycobalamin, Adenosylcobalamin and Cyannocobalamin in the UK without a prescription if it is registered as a supplement and no medical claims are made or medical conditions treated with the product. 

You only need a prescription for B12 if it's registered as a medicine POM in that country. None of our products are registered as POMs nor treat any medical conditions. Also for peace of mind our products are insured in the UK and we have approval from the MHRA to distribute these products in the UK. Our prices are also very competitive and certainly not 10 times the amount of Arnikas. Please contact me on 01621814301 if you feel that you need some clarification or more information or just some B12.Any POMs that require a script is sold through our pharmacy NeoPharmaUK and dispensed by our pharmacist. Unfortunately our Doctors do not offer consultations and yes we also own 2 clinics that offer aesthetic treatments.



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  • where are you based?

  • Hi Jill,

    We are based in Essex our address is 104 OAK ROAD, TIPTREE, ESSEX, CO5 0NA

    Our websites are



  • Hi there are a lot of stories about methlcobalamin changing into hydroxocobalamin when it reaches room temp. Can you clarify this please. Also some info re the correct storage method would be helpful.

  • Hello, 

    I'm looking at one of your web pages, and see no medical references to back your claims. The fact that Brad Pitt or Madonna use intravenous drug therapy is meaningless. Anytime you enter and inject a substance into a vein you take a chance of infection and bacteremia. If an IV infusion is not required for medical purposes than an alternative administration route should be used. 

    In the case of vitamin B12, I see nothing on your site related to use of intramuscular B12. 

    The following excerpt is from

    "Cyanocobalamin is quantitatively and rapidly absorbed from intramuscular and subcutaneous sites of injection; the plasma level of the compound reaches its peak within 1 hour after intramuscular injection. Absorbed vitamin B12 is transported via specific B12 binding proteins, transcobalamin I and II to the various tissues. The liver is the main organ for vitamin B12 storage.

    Within 48 hours after injection of 100 or 1000 mcg of vitamin B12, 50 to 98% of the injected dose may appear in the urine. The major portion is excreted within the first eight hours. Intravenous administration results in even more rapid excretion with little opportunity for liver storage."

  • Thank you very much for your observation, you are absolutely right we have no medical reference s on our website as we have been asked by the UK MHRA to remove them because the products we supply are supplements not medicines. You can only treat medical conditions with medicines in the UK. We have over 10,000 references and articles to back up our claims please have a look at the Myers cocktails for references or e mail me and I can provide you with some my e mail is


  • Why would we want to buy any B12 from you? We all have a medical condition that requires B12. But you say that your products are no good for treating us.

  • I get the impression that the OP is selling (or might be selling) B12 that is suitable for treating a B12 deficiency, but is prevented by law from making any claims it will treat anything. If he makes claims about what his products treat then he will have to ask for a prescription from every customer which is what he has to avoid. He is still restricted by the law even when he tries to make sales on a  UK-based forum and not on his own website.

    So, from the point of view of the customer/patient, buying from this guy might be convenient. But until someone dares to try it, you can't ever be sure it really is B12 of a quality that is both safe and suitable for treating B12 deficiency.

    I have nothing to do with this company and I may have got the wrong end of the stick.

  • Hi there, you are absolutely correct. You understand the legalities on a UK distributor for Arnika products. Please note our products are manufactured by Arnika in Germany under GMP law and are exactly what they say there are. 

    Thank you 

  • Hi I asked you a question earlier which you have not responded to. I quote "there are a lot of stories about methocobalamin changing into hydroxocobalamin when it reaches room temperature. Can you clarify this please," Also some information re storage would be appreciated.

  • Hi there,

    I have not heard of this as our MethylCobalamin is is not cold chain and is stored at room temperature. Thank you

  • All other suppliers that I know seem to recommend that it is stored in a refridgerator. Can you comment on this please? Thanks.

  • The methyl I get from Dr Chandy's charity is from America and is stored at room temperature.

  • Dear Fbirder

    This looks like products bought outside the EU? How are you getting this through customs?  Do you have a special WDA licence?How does this compounded non EU product compare to European GMP standards? Please can you provide us with a comparison. 

  • You seem to be under the impression that I am importing B12. Those links are just to show that most retailers recommend storage in a refrigerator.

    But I guess they're selling stuff that's supposed to treat a medical condition, so they probably care whether it goes off or not.

  • B12 does not need refrigeration, just a cool dark place. I buy b12 from Germany in bulk and it is just posted. This seems no different. If it is brought into the UK and can be sold more cheaply then that is a benefit.

    What are your prices?

  • B12 does not need refrigeration

    Hydroxocobalamin definitely doesn't. But, from what I've been able to discover on the net, everybody selling methylcobalamin recommends storage in a refrigerator.

    It's well known that methylcobalamin is less stable than hydroxo. In the presence of water the Me group is quite easily replaced by an OH group. For hydroxocobalamin the same thing happens, except that an OH group is replaced by another OH group - so no change to the molecule.

    If people are happy with their expensive methylcobalamin being converted to hydroxocobalamin then all's great.

    Oh, and for the terminally paranoid - When the Me group is replaced it joins up with another OH group to produce MeOH - methanol. And, as every anti-aspartame conspiracy theorist can tell you, methanol will turn you blind and a gazillion other nasty things.

  • Aah, sorry, I was referring to Hydroxo, yes. I keep it in a box in the bedroom and it's fine. I have heard that Methyl is less stable, so I guess it needs different treatment. Thanks :)

  • I receive methyl from Dr Chandy's charity. It comes from America and the storage instructions are to keep it at room temperature.

  • Which I find somewhat disconcerting. All the sites I found that sell it in the US say that it should be stored in the fridge, as does the liquid (not for injection) that I bought from Metabolics in the UK.

    Still, if it does go off then I think it will go off to hydroxocobalamin, so it'll still work.

  • Hi fbirder, I have double checked. On the bottle it says refrigerate and keep in the dark, but in the letter that came with it from the charity, it says no need to chill! Which is what I had read. I do absolutely trust Dr Chandy, but agree that there is confusion, so I'll write and ask.

  • Does it list the ingredients?

  • The stuff I bought is B12 and water.

    The stuff linked to above has water, glycerin, sodium benzoate, cherry flavour and citric acid.

    The stuff for injection includes salt.

  • Sorry no. It just says methyl cobalamin.

  • Hi, I also get mine from Dr Chandy and was told its fine to keep at room temp..

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