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Hey guys.... Can one of you well informed people answer this for me. I was chatting to my sister in law about my b12 injection, I was talking about spinning and how excersise seems to use more,  trying to explain how it works and told her " it's like filling up you car with fuel and knowing it has to last 12 weeks" so the more running around you do the quicker the tank runs dry. So she responded with, if you top up every day with the sublinguals will it run out as quickly?????? As I have t2 diabetes I really need to exercise but find it runs my tank dry much quicker and by week 4-5 I'm exhausted again. So it seems to knock 2-3 weeks of my usual time before I start suplimenting again. But I have only been suplimenting once my symptoms start to come back. So should I be suplimenting continuously that is my question?

Thank you

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  • Hi Pixielula,

    I inject MCobalamin, HCobalamin and use Adenosylcobalamin sublingual lozenges. Don't suffer when you don't have to.

    J  💉💉😀

  • have you discussed this with your gp?  many of us need more frequent injections of b12.  and many of us have a great struggle to get it!  Its as if we are being 'naughty' if we don't last for 12 weeks.  Using the car too often????

  • Have discussed with doc see my "banging my head against the wall" post. Nurse has told me to persevere .......

  • Sally Pacholok in her book, "Could it be B12?", recommends covering all bases.

    My relative found that supplementing Hydroxocobalamin injections with Jarrows 5000 mcg. methylcobalamin SL, helped swollen tongue, etc. 

  • I'm taking methylcobalamin 1000mcg and taking 4-6 a day  but like I said only when I feel my symptoms returning. I shall use these up then get some 5000 ones, hopefully one a day will be enough, I find they make the insides of my cheeks peel so one very high strength will be easier on my mouth.............

  • Im nine months post diagnosis now and at first it was a real struggle not only with my gp who refuses to increase or adhere, but also trying to cope and understand why this had me in its grip. So i took my health in my hands by using spray, drops, lozenges and patches. I even got injectable. I refused to let the medical profession hold my life to ransom. 

    The lozenges didnt seem to work for me despite recommendation from others. The drops and spray bought from holland and barret were useful as a short term temporary fix like when i was out. The patches have for me been the most sucessful i have to say, yet other people found no benefit. I also got some methly drops which worked amazingly well for me. Both of these are high dose5000, which i suppose work much like the injections in that they flood the tank then gradually it gets used up.

    Originally i was absolutely feeling as though my tank was running on air after a week or so, so without any help from the gp i went my own way. When i felt low and symptomatic i would use one of the above.

    I can understand your nurse saying to persevere but..... Its not her who feels so awful. Im a busy and active person who hates feeling like a sluggish lump so i do as much as possible, it might not be exercise per se but i move a lot during my day.

    I have to say it is somewhat easier for me now but i think i am at a point where i have restocked my tank enough to get me from london to norwich and back, before i need to refuel. At the start of this and just before im not sure i could have driven out of the estate let alone any distance.

  • Thank you for that advice..... I didn't make myself clear "my nurse said persevere" meaning with my GP don't know if you have read my "banging my head against a brick wall"post. I told the nurse I was thinking of self injecting and she said to persevere with my dr as other patients in the practice have there shots more frequently, so what I was doing was having my shot then only once my symptoms start to come back did I use the sublingual, so best plan is not to do that but to use subs all the time as well. I'm feeling so exhausted with all of this......

  • To be honest I'm still struggling to get my head around the fact that a vitamin deficiency can be so horrendous. It's just so unbelievable that in the 21st century there is no better treatments or understanding..... It's frustrating that Drs know next to nothing, today is a bad day!!

  • Lots of peo ple find that they need to supplement I am experimenting a bit myself with sublinguals etc.  What I have found is that you need to persevere with one thing at a time for a period and not get drawn in to trying too many things. You can spend a lot of money and end up getting more confused!  Good luck.

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