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Hi, I've just obtained some B12 solution from, bottle says refrigerate, info sheet that came with it says no need to chill - what's best? I am also going on holiday at end of May which is why I want to have the ability to self inject, it's likely to be very hot, anyone got any ideas as to how to keep solution at right temperature when travelling. I also notice on the info sheet, that it says to keep B12 away from microwaves, does this mean they should also not go through xray machines at airport?

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  • I'm guessing that this is methylcobalamin. While this is less stable than hydroxocobalamin (recommended storage for which is 'not hot' but not refrigerated) it'll not suffer if kept at RT for several hours. Much more important is to keep it away from light as that will degrade it quite quickly. But if it's is a brown bottle that will help a lot.

    Microwaves can damage chemicals by the same process that warms food. X-Rays are a much shorter wavelength that doesn't interact with the chemicals, so it'll be perfectly safe.

  • Thank you - very useful. Now I've just got to get over the collywobbles of self injecting! I already do insulin, but those needles are tiny!

  • I'm not sure, but I think that some people inject sub-cut using the orange needles. 

  • I've read that too, it seems it just takes a bit longer to absorb that way. The advice from is to use a 25g x 16mm insulin syringe. My thighs are skinny, so probably will reach muscle, but in someone with a lot of fatty tissue it would be sub- cut.

  • I'm pretty sure that advice is for IM. The sub-cut injectors use belly fat.

  • The thigh is often used for subcutaneous injections.

  • good, i have a lot of that!

  • From what I've read, methylcobalamin is quite stable in its crystalline form but becomes very sensitive to light once dissolved in water, converting rapidly to hydroxocobalamin. Because of this, I've sometimes wondered how many people who think they are injecting methyl are actually injecting hydroxo.

  • Oh lucky you! How long did you have to wait for them from ordering? I have requested b12 solution from them too but I know they have a huge demand and it's in short supply. I'm probably at the bottom of the list as it was only a few weeks ago. Let us know how you get on with them. :)

  • I'm actually a bit confused about ordering process, I made some enquries about 3 weeks ago, was told they were trying to source more from the States, I explained I was hoping to get some before end of May when I travel, there was a bit of to and fro with queries I had, but I don't think I ever pressed an order buttonas such! Then it just arrived, so I've since made a donation to cover the cost :)

  • I spoke at length to Dr Chandy and then made the request on their order form that he recommended. I may get them soon, hope so! As for donations I've made two to thank them for all they do. Please let us know how you feel on them. :-)

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