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GP enquiry help?

I have felt unwell for the last 2 years following a total hysterectomy. I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I have suffered with IBS? Symptoms since the op.

Previous history

: positive h pylori 2008 only lasted 8 hours on the treatment due to awful side effects- 

Severe shoulder spasm for 2 years am awaiting Botox injection as other treatments have failed.

Diagnosed with fibro but I strongly disagree with this as the widespread pain has gone since hysterectomy so was more likely due to extensive endometriosis. 

My b12 level just tested at the doctors was 260 

MCH 32

Am still awaiting celiac screen result.

I'm wanting a referral to a gastroenterologist to rule out celiac. Does anyone know if h pylori can cause low b12? And although in the range my MCH is slightly elevated? 

Thank you! 

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Yes , h pylori can cause low B12, due to it causing damage to cells in the stomach that help to absorb B12. 260 is a low reading for serum B 12,although GPs(misguidedly)  might consider it normal. Any reading below 500 needs treatment with B12 injections.This happens in Germany and Japan.

As regards your shoulder problems,if it is bursitis, B12 injections will cure it(Treatment often used in the U.S.) 

I have Pernicious Anaemia, and was also plagued with IBS symptoms . Taking a water based probiotic and eating organic raw  pasteurised sauerkraut(health food shop, or make your own) got rid of those symptoms. 

Hope that this has helped. All the very best to you.


Thank you for your help, I'm back to the GP on Monday. Fingers crossed I get somewhere! 


Sorry I should have written UNPASTEURISED SAUERKRAUT! I had an awful shoulder problem for months which doctor said was a frozen shoulder. Physiotherapist was useless. Low and behold, the loading doses of B12 got rid of it immediately. Doctor said it was a coincidence! Then I found it is a common treatment in the US for BURSITIS, which GPs find difficult to diagnose.


Find of what kind of anesthesia they used.  A B12D can precipitate following surgery. Nitrous oxide (gas and air) is often used for deliveries.  This is toxic to B12.

10% of the population may exhibit neurological symptoms when B12 level is under 400 pg/ml according to diagnostic labs is the USA.

Start a logbook and score the severity of each of your symptoms.  Once you start you will notice other ones that have gradually been getting worse.

Give the GP a dated list of all your symptoms and invite them to include them in your record.  They may initially think you are a complete hypochondriac.  This is a phase you gave to get through.


I actually had to have 2 emergency operations 12 weeks after the hysterectomy due to severe complications so had 3 generals very close together. 

Is there any other specific tests I should be asking for? 

I have had numerous symptoms so will ensure they are logged with the GP. 

Many thanks for your advice. 


Methylmalonic acid and homocysteine are supposedly good indirect measures of whether your body is getting sufficient b12.

Maybe also folate and iron?

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I have lots of nitrous oxide! I've had four children and was used twice following operations. I will be sure to mention this...thank you. 


I've just looked back on previous serum B12 from 2 years ago and the level was then 400. Is it normal for levels to fall so much? I will request the other tests. Will GP's be likely to follow up if you're in the levels? Is it worth having a private active B12 blood test? 


Have you tried diet changes to discourage the intestinal bacterial overgrowth?

I have similar problems which worsened after an endo surgery. I have found diet changes are the foundation of healing. They are absolutely key and non-negotiable for me. Surgery and medication have done some things for me, but diet change helps tremendously in its own right. It took a long time to find a doctor who could help with this. If I had known it earlier, I could have prevented some pretty big health complications.

Do you mind saying what the h. pylori treatment was and what the side effects were? I had some pretty bizarre reactions to antibiotics.

Also, I have a shoulder spasm too..

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B12 issues aside, hopefully you were offered HRT after the hysterectomy?


Have you had your thyroid tested - the FULL profile and not just the TSH.  Fibromyalgia is often linked to LOW T3.  I have noticed from other forums that Fibro sufferers often have Hashimotos - Auto-immune thyroiditis.

I was once that person - diagnosed with Fibro in 2000 - followed by a Hashimotos diagnosis in 2005 ......

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I wasn't offered HRT as still have one ovary, this is still working as had the blood test to check. I have heard about endometriosis being helped with diet but haven't changed it as yet as was waiting for celiac blood test to come back before I cut out gluten. My main symptoms are fatigue, numbness in fingers and toes, depression/anxiety clumsiness and gastric issues. I know the gastric issues will more than likely be down to the h pylori. 

My appointment with the GP is tomorrow morning so wish me luck! 


My serum B12 in 2009 was

448 ng/l     172-1162 ng/l

Serum B12 now is

263 ng/l      172-1162 ng/l

I also had these flagged as abnormal but satisfactory on my FBC

Total white cell count

3.6 10*9/L.       4-11 10*9/L

Mean corpusc haemoglobin MCH

31.7 pg.         26-31 pg

Neutrophil count

1.8 10*9/L.       2-7.5 10*9/L 

I'm not sure if this helps to investigate what I think is low B12?? 


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