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I'm always looking for ways to boost my potassium intake (bananas, coconut water, lo salt etc) and have just discovered Minvita baobab suprefruit powder. 

I got a free sample sachet in the May 2016 healthy magazine (from Holland & Barrett) and googled it as I'd never heard of it before. Minvita's website says that a desert spoon contains 3,000mcg of potassium which is 150% of RI. Thought I'd pass this on and hope it's ok to mention brand names. 

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  • Oh yes thank you! I struggle to keep my potassium up. I know my local health food store has baobab powder. I've heard of maca powder too, which might have potassium.

  • You could also try LoSalt, available from Co-op stores. 

  • I eat dates!

  • Hmmm, some error in the units or the claims.

    3,000 mcg is 3 mg - or less than one-thousandth of the RDI of 3,500 mg. Even if it were 3,000 mg, that's still only 85% of the RDI or 3,500 mg

    One portion of chips (or fries in the US), spinkled with one sachet of Lo-Salt supplies about 1,400 mg of potassium (about the same as 25 dates or 4 bananas). I like this kind of health food. Add a portion of mussels (150g - 400 mg of K) and a glass of beer (100 mg), followed by a chocolate brownie (180 mg K) and you've got a yummy Belgian meal that contains 60% of your RDI.

  • You are too funny! Sounds like a great meal. :-)

  • I love reading your posts fbirder, you're very informative.  Thank you for your knowledge and information. 

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