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Hi All,

I've put together a design for T-Shirts. I've offered them to the B12 Deficiency Support Group, but they weren't interested. I was thinking of selling them myself and donating the profits (£2.00 per shirt) to the PAS.

The shirts are here - - and have a B12 molecule on the front and some text on the back. I need some feedback -

1. Does it sound like a good idea?

2. Any demand for different colours, or will white do?

3. Front and back design, or front only?

4. Any other comments?

Your help is appreciated.

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fbirder, they look great! Love the colours of the graphic. What is written on the back?


Click on a shirt and you'll get taken to the next page, where you can see both sides.

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I think the t-shirt and the front and back designs are just great. This is something I would have loved for our own B12d charity but i truly cannot see Brits paying £18.50 for each t shirt. That's the only misgiving I have

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Hi fbirder,

These T-Shirts look 1st class quality. The shape is perfect. The material likewise.

A lot of thought and planning has gone into the design. I would start with white only, as it goes with lots of colors. There are great bright shades on the front design anyway.

Would leaving the back plain enable you to sell it at a lower price? if so, maybe a card with those details and PAS phone number/web address could be hung from the label (at the inside neck ) with fine cord.

The instructions and information re ordering are spot on. In conclusion, this garment looks well worth the asking price to me, - I can see the quality is there, -but I'm not sure that many people will pay that price.

Whatever you decide, I wish you well.


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Cheaper price for a front-print only sounds likely. I'll try it out over the next few days.



Three quid cheaper with a ront design only! I've added men's and women's to the shop.

Note that these are the Premium T-Shirts (I hate the flimsy cheap ones), hence the Premium price.


I'd love to wear one of those next time I go to the surgery for my injection.

Personally I think the words on the back need to be there to explain the logo on the front.


I think the T-shirt is excellent. Am just wondering if people will stand still long enough to read the detail on the back ! I would also need it in Greek :-) I think the price is fair when you consider the amount going towards PAS.

I think it needs something on the back - but maybe a little less wording if possible.

I would like to post this on TUK - would that be in order ?


Yes, I spent ages going back and forth on the amount of writing. I think what I've ended up with is really the bare minimum, without cutting out the misdiagnosis section.

Share away - the more, the merrier.

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